SwineCast 1199, Swine Economic Future From Dr. Steve Meyer

SwineCast 1199 Show Notes:
  • Dr. Steve Meyer, Partners for Production Agriculture by EverAg, highlights key hot issues in the economics of pork production, including markets, trade, and, at the top of the list, production costs.
  • "And that's not going to get better anytime soon.", says Dr. Meyer

SwineCast 1198, Bill Even Opens Up The 2022 Pork Academy At The World Pork Expo

SwineCast 1198 Show Notes:
  • Bill Even, CEO at National Pork Board, opens up the 2022 Pork Academy at the World Pork Expo with a coffee talk on sustainability, foreign animal disease, labor, and trade.

SwineCast 1161, 2021 World Pork Expo: Global Trade And Diversification Strategies

SwineCast 1161 Show Notes:
  • From the 2021 World Pork Expo Pork Academy, a panel of experts share insights on global trade, review China's impact, and talk about U.S. diversification strategies.
  • International markets were worth a record $7.7 billion to the U.S. Pork industry in 2020 as China and other foreign markets pushed demand for pork to new heights. Learn about the global protein landscape, including China’s role, how the U.S. Meat Export Federation promotes pork in Asian countries and National Pork Board’s strategy to diversify exports. A pork producer will also share their perspective on the importance of exports to their own business.
  • The panel includes Dr. Clay Eastwood (Director of International Marketing for National Pork Board), Joel Haggard (Senior Vice President for the Asia Pacific Region at the U.S. Meat Export Federation), and Rupert Claxton (Meat Director for Gira International).

SwineCast 1160, 2021 World Pork Expo: Negotiating Contracts - What You Need To Know

SwineCast 1160 Show Notes:
  • From the 2021 World Pork Expo Pork Academy, Amy Johnson (BrownWinick Law Firm) shares insights on negotiating contracts and highlights practical points to consider as you approach your next opportunity to negotiate contracts.

SwineCast 1158, 2021 World Pork Expo: NutriQuest Shares How Fractional Financial and Leadership Services Help You Grow

SwineCast 1158 Show Notes:
  • From the 2021 World Pork Expo, NutriQuest's Casey Westphalen and Steve Weiss highlight how they work with pork operations to help them grow and improve their bottom line.

SwineCast 1157, 2021 World Pork Expo: Dr. Jayson Lusk Highlights Trends And Opportunities

SwineCast 1157 Show Notes:
  • From the 2021 World Pork Expo Strategic Investment Program (SIP), Dr. Jayson Lusk (Purdue University) shares some macro trends and highlights some potential opportunities.

How is Zinpro Tackling Nutrition Performance?

Zinpro - Minor Changes In Nutrition = Major Impacts On PerformanceZinpro - Minor Changes In Nutrition = Major Impacts On Performance Sow performance metrics such as pigs per litter, birth and weaning weight, and lactation feed intake are all key indicators for a sow’s ability to produce robust piglets. Positive metrics add up to better-performing pigs and higher profits for producers. Swine producers can make minor adjustments that can pay off in major ways when they customize their feed and nutrition program with performance trace minerals. From the 2021 World Pork Expo, June 9 - 11, 2021, Des Moines, IA, USA [video].

SwineCast 1156, 2021 World Pork Expo: NPPC Public Policy Priorities

SwineCast 1156 Show Notes:
  • From the 2021 World Pork Expo, the NPPC officers and senior staff address the industry’s public policy priorities. The panel includes Jen Sorenson (NPPC President), Terry Wolters (NPPC President-Elect), Scott Hays (NPPC Vice President), Neil Dierks (NPPC CEO), Nick Giordano (NPPC VP and Counsel, Global Government Affairs), and Dr. Liz Wagstrom (NPPC Chief Veterinarian).
  • Some of the group addressed African Swine Fever issues, the pork line speed rule, and California's Farm Animal Confinement Initiative (also known as Prop 12).

What Is Pork's People Driven Marketing Strategy?

A Digital Revolution: Pork's People Driven Marketing StrategyA Digital Revolution: Pork's People Driven Marketing Strategy Steve Lerch, Google, shares insights on how consumers search for information as it relates to food, health, and life. Mr. Lerch focuses on how people think about the protein market and what information is misinterpreted by consumers about protein. Mr. Lerch closes with updates on what trust means to consumers [video].

Improving Sow Survivability

Improving Sow SurvivabilityImproving Sow Survivability Dr. Jason Ross, Iowa State University, presents a look at sow mortality, especially due to prolapses. This is an ongoing research project that has collected raw data from over 100 farms. One of the key observations is that there is significant variation across farms. Follow-on activity includes projects at high & low incidence farms plus designing & employing on farm mitigation studies [video].
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