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Perspective: Antibiotics and Swine

Antibiotic Stewardship for SwineSwine Antibiotic Stewardship Dr. Jennifer Koeman, Director, Producer and Public Health, National Pork Board, shares the ideas behind the "Nexus of Farming, Food and Public Health" as part of the stewardship of antibiotic use in pork farming. Dr. Koeman shares the antibiotic education, research, and communication that the National Pork Board is developing to help swine pork farmers. Key closing thought from Dr. Koeman is pork producers support the science-based principles to develop guidelines on antibiotic use having professional veterinary input for antibiotic use guidance [video].

Panel: Discussion on Antibiotics

Panel Discussion on Antibiotics with General Session SpeakersGeneral Session Speakers Take On Antibiotic Questions Dr. Chris Braden, Dr. Thomas Shryock, Dr. Robert Tauxe, and Dr. Mike Apley participate in a panel discussion on antibiotics from a variety of angles. Some of the panel questions address goals of the Presidential Advisory Commission plus some of the differences in agriculture use of antibiotics [video].

Advantages Of Metagenomic Sequencing

Metagenomic Sequencing for Virus Discovery and CharacterizationMetagenomic Sequencing for Virus Discovery and Characterization Dr. Ben Hause, Kansas State University, shares information on using metagenomic sequencing for virus discovery and characterization. Dr. Hause points out some of the advantages of metagenomic sequencing over Sanger Sequencing and what data is made available from metagenomic sequencing. Dr. Hause talks about how metagenomic sequencing helps with Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus (PRRSv) research [video].

SwineCast 0915, ATM - Antibiotic Resistance Development, "We're In A Crisis...", Part 3 of 3

SwineCast 0915 Show Notes:
  • Dr. Mike Apley of Kansas State University joins The Morrison Group in this At The Meeting episode, third in a series, on antibiotic resistance development, it's impact on human and animal health and the resulting stewardship debate.

SwineCast 0914, ATM - Judicious Use Of Animal Antibiotics In The U.S. And Elsewhere, Part 2 of 3

SwineCast 0914 Show Notes:

2016 National Pork Industry Forum

2016 National Pork Industry Forum2016 Pork Industry Forum, March 2-4, 2016, Indianapolis, IN, USA.

2016 Ceva Swine U.S. Launch & Scientific Symposium

2016 Ceva Swine U.S. Launch & Scientific Symposium2016 Ceva Swine U.S. Launch & Scientific Symposium February 26, 2016, New Orleans, LA, USA, focused on "Assembling All the Right Elements" to launching Ceva Swine in the U.S.

Ceva brought together a great panel to discuss issues hitting pork production, moderated by Moderator Neil Dierks, CEO National Pork Producers Council. And for the deep science, Dr. David Hurley, University of Georgia, shared details on tissue level activity and vaccine responses.

2016 BI AASV Pre-Conference Seminar

2016 BI AASV Pre-Conference Seminar2016 BI AASV Pre-Conference Seminar February 26, 2016, New Orleans, LA, USA, focused on "Start Healthy, End Strong – Learning from Outside the Pen". Through perspectives from beef, poultry, and aquaculture experts, swine veterinarians discovered many lessons that could be applied to their practices..

Dr. Reid Philips - Comparative Efficacy Evaluation of Two Modified-Live PRRS Vaccines

Comparative Efficacy Evaluation of Two Modified-Live PRRS Vaccines - Dr. Reid Philips, Veterinarian, Swine Health Division, Boehringer Ingelheim, from the 2016 Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. Swine Health Seminar, February 26, New Orleans, LA, USA.

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