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SwineCast 0194b for April 25 2007

SwineCast 0194b Show Notes:

  • Special episode featuring Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns Press Conference on Farm Bill Legislation, including comments on conservation reserve and security programs, wetlands programs and lower interest rates for new and minority farmers on farm loans.

SwineCast 0194a for April 24 2007

SwineCast 0194a Show Notes:

  • Special Edition - Beck Ag Educational Telepanel on Maximizing Feed Efficiency.

SwineCast 0193 for April 20 2007

SwineCast 0193 Show Notes:

  • World of contrasts - cloning to produce insulin but not for food
  • Corn/Soy production costs up significantly
  • Global warming and carbon sequestration - money in your pocket?
  • Quality System Verification Program overview
  • Canadian Quality Assurance
  • Link to Pork Management Conference Brochur

SwineCast 0192 for April 17 2007

SwineCast 0192 Show Notes:
  • Tyson hooks up with Conoco to produce ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel from animal waste. More such partnerships out there according to David Kaluzny with the National Renderer's Association.
  • Bruce Cochrane talks with animal handling expert Temple Grandin.
  • HSUS says Cargill 'phasing out' gestation crates. Cargill disagrees.
  • CEO of Validus discusses growth of on-farm assessments.
  • "Building A Civilized Workplace" author Robert Sutton. Link to "Jerk" test. Link to book.

Swinecast 0191 for April 13 2007

SwineCast 0191 Show Notes:
  • Somark co-founder Mark Pydynowski on his company's new RFID ink for livestock
  • Dan Murphy with on animal welfare
  • Wes Jamison from the University of Florida on working with people from different cultures