Swine Reproduction, Improving How?

Strategies to Improve Swine ReproductionStrategies to Improve Swine Reproduction Dr. Ross discussed emerging and proven technologies within swine reproduction and shared how this technology may benefit your farm moving forward.

Can You Resonate With Consumers?

Messages that Resonate With ConsumersWhat Do Consumers Think? Jarrod Sutton, National Pork Board Assistant Vice President, Foodservice, Retail and Channel Marketing, provides insight on the business side of selling meat. Some of the factors that play into meat pricing is how consumers perceive products and how they feel about animal welfare plus agriculture sustainability efforts. Jarrod also shares some of the conversations he is involved with in and around the food retail companies, trying to understand their efforts to bring reliable and usable information to consumers.

How To Improve Sow Lifetime Productivity

National Pork Board Initiative to Improve Sow Lifetime ProductivitySow Lifetime Productivity Improvements Dr. Chris Hostetler, National Pork Board, over the last year has developed a research plan to look at sow lifetime productivity. The metric has some challenges with many variable ecosystem inputs. With feedback from others in the swine industry, Dr. Hostetler has put in place a plan to understand sow lifetime productivity, how to measure the various factors, and outline a strategic initiative focus on improving lifetime sow productivity.

What Is Group Sow Housing Research?

What Is Group Sow Housing Research?Science and Study of Group Sow Housing Dr. Ed Pajor, University of Calgary, outlines the current research on swine sow housing and the motivations for the different types of housing types. He also outlines some of the directions sow housing is taking and what the swine industry needs to learn so as to adopt these types of changes.

How To Improve Reproductive Efficiency in Sows?

Genetic and Management Methods Remember, It's All About the Sows With increasing production costs due to labor, feed, and other external factors, Dr. Stalder approaches improving efficiencies by through sow longevity and sow genetics. Several take aways: Many traits genetically correlated with sow productive lifetime and can be improved through selection; We cannot ignore the people factor on any production process including pork production; and caretaker skills / stockmanship / management ability, effects on the sow productivity cannot be underestimated [video].

How Can PRRS Be Taken Out?

PRRS regional elimination - procedures for taking PRRS out of the breeding herd
Taking PRRS Out of the Breeding Herd PRRSv costs US swine industry $664M. With this level of impact on the economics of pork production, much effort has gone into understanding the disease and how best to eliminate the virus. Bob Morrison, D.V.M., University of Minnesota, shares procedures for taking PRRS out of the breeding herd and presents data as to the effectiveness of these procedures [video].

Grain in Bottles or Feed?

Economic Grain Situation and Outlook
What is it with the Grain Situation? I am NOT opposed to ethanol. I do prefer it aged in oaken barrels or pretty glass bottles! sums up how Dr. Meyers feels about corn used in ethanol. This presentation (with lots of charts for the data included) shares some other thoughts about the markets, grain, and the future of animal feed [video].

Crazy Weather or Just a Cycle?

Dr. Elwynn Taylor - Weather Outlook
How is Weather Playing A Part in Agriculture? High temperatures across the USA have been a departure from the 1981 2010 average. The persistent heat from the summer of 2011 had more than 70 days over 100 degrees in some spots across the USA and every state has had temps over 100 degrees. What are the impacts on agriculture going forward? What should we do? [Video] [Photo Watts Up With That?]

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