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Six sigma and innovation.

In 2005 I had the fun time of listening to Tim Brown (CEO of IDEO) and Tom Kelley (Art of Innovation and IDEO). Before the start of the talk I took the chance to ask Tim this question: How do innovation and 6 sigma coexist?

If You Know Your New COP Using the Leftover Corn Out There, No Need to Read This.

If you want to know the impact of increased corn prices on your cost of production, chose a forecasted corn price (take your pick of forecaster between $3.40 and $3.85 with some as high as $5.00+ if drought develops) and crank through your feed cost calculation. If you do this and it actually turns out to be your new cost of production, you will be one of the last few producers in the pork industry with absolutely no imagination whatsoever.

One thing we know for certain is that people do not face adversity sitting still. All kinds of secondary strategies, impacts, cost cutting, substitutions, new research and experiments, adjustments in weights and plain ingenuity immediately move to the forefront. In addition, poultry producers and other meat animal species that consume corn are making similar adjustments as are tortilla makers, users of high fructose corn sweeteners and even elevator/feed mills that used to get the corn. As they do, the prices of their products change relative to the price of pork and demand shifts begin to take place at the grocery store and throughout the chain.

WPX2007: Dr. Tom Painter on impact of ileitis to herd health / production profitability

Dr. Tom Painter, professional services veterinarian with BIVI addresses the impact of ileitis on herd health and production profitability.

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The Elephant in the Room Demands Some Time

One of the most revealing quotes I heard recently was “What would we be talking about if we didn’t talk about ethanol?” No doubt it is the elephant in the room for most livestock producers so it is important to spend some time on it but there are so many other interesting and important topics flying under the radar of the ethanol intoxication. We need to and will break out of this fixation and take a wider view soon. Regardless, here are some thoughts about the ethanol situation as it impacts corn prices and cost of production for pigs just to make sure the groundwork is set for future comments.