Health & Disease Audio

SwineCast 1015, Being Prepared For Foreign Animal Diseases With Planning and Training2018/04/19
SwineCast 1010, AASV - Aptimmune PRRS And Influenza Intranasal Vaccine Review2018/03/22
SwineCast 1004, Dietary Considerations With NDSU's Eric Berg2018/02/22
SwineCast 1001, PED Conversations From Banff Swine Innovation Pork Session2018/01/17
SwineCast 0998, PRRS Research Review With K State's Bob Rowland2017/12/15
SwineCast 0997, Leman - Antibiotic Stewardship Overview For Your Neighbors2017/11/16
SwineCast 0995, Leman - What Chinese Vets Think You Should Know2017/10/19
SwineCast 0993, Research On Fiber In Sow Diets Easing Pen Mixing2017/10/05
SwineCast 0990, Ohio State Researching Influenza In Show Pigs2017/08/23
SwineCast 0989, PEDv Telephone Town Hall In Alberta Identifies Transport Issues2017/08/17
SwineCast 0988, Identifying Possible Pathogen Gaps In Your Defense Effort2017/08/10
SwineCast 0987, WPX - Foreign Animal Disease Planning2017/07/05
SwineCast 0986, WPX - Secure Pork Supply With National Pork Board's Dr. Patrick Webb2017/07/04
SwineCast 0979, WPX - Foot And Mouth Disease Vaccine Bank Development2017/06/17
SwineCast 0977, WPX - NPPC CEO Dierks Discusses Issues Of the Day2017/06/15
SwineCast 0975, WPX - NPPC Thursday Press Briefing on Trade, Vaccine Bank, and Economics2017/06/08
SwineCast 0974, WPX - National Pork Board Wednesday Press Conference Secure Pork Supply2017/06/08
SwineCast 0972, NPB - World Pork Expo PORK Academy Presentation Schedule Review2017/05/22
SwineCast 0968, AASV - Dr. Matthew Turner Discusses Alex Hogg Memorial Lecture Comments2017/05/02
SwineCast 0957, Swine Production Systems Adapting Rapidly To Veterinary Feed Directive Requirements2017/02/17
SwineCast 0956, Animal Welfare Standards Workshop Concludes NIAA Annual Meeting2017/02/15
SwineCast 0954, Feedstuffs As Disease Vector - The Research Continues2017/02/03
SwineCast 0945, K State Swine Day Coming Soon... And Here's What You'll See2016/11/10
SwineCast 0943, Q&A At NIAA ABX Symposium Featuring FDA's Dr. Bill Flynn On VFDs2016/11/01
SwineCast 0942, All Animal Agriculture Must Participate In Antibiotics Use Discussion2016/10/31
SwineCast 0940, November's NIAA Antibiotic Use Symposium Should Be On Your Calendar2016/10/20
SwineCast 0938, Updating Your Veterinary Feed Directive Knowledge (VFD)2016/10/12
SwineCast 0937, Just In Time Swine Influenza Update2016/10/05
SwineCast 0933, Canada Looks To Update Food Animal Microbial Use Policy2016/08/11
SwineCast 0932, Elanco's New Vaccine Innovation Center Looks To The Future2016/08/10
SwineCast 0927, Aptimmune Offering New Vaccination Technology2016/07/12
SwineCast 0921, NPPC World Pork Expo Thursday Press Conference2016/06/17
SwineCast 0912, PCV Vaccine Function And Effectiveness On Variants2016/04/12
SwineCast 0911, New National Pork Producers Council President Lists Hot Topics For 20162016/04/01
SwineCast 0910, Atlantic Live Hosts "Resistance: The Antibiotics Challenge, an Atlantic Forum"2016/04/01
SwineCast 0909, Ceva Animal Health Swine Division Welcomed To Industry2016/03/16
SwineCast 0905, Pork Forum - Dr. Lonnie King Outlines Antibiotic Resistance Discussion2016/03/09
SwineCast 0904, VFD Changes Call For New Management Collaborations2016/02/23
SwineCast 0903, What Does Your Neighbor Know About FDA Vet Feed Directive Changes?2016/02/23
SwineCast 0901, NIAA ABX Symposium Review and Take Aways2016/01/14
SwineCast 0897, New Safer Disinfectant Now Available2015/12/02
SwineCast 0895, Antibiotics Resistance And Legislators, Consumers, Producers... And Consumer Reports2015/11/24
SwineCast 0893, Vaccine for Ileitis Providing Good ROI2015/11/17
SwineCast 0892, What You Need To Know About FDA Rule Changes And Herd Health Management2015/11/12
SwineCast 0887, Collaboration Key To Maintaining Antibiotics Availability2015/10/12
SwineCast 0886, NIAA Builds Bridges At 2015 Antibiotics Symposium2015/10/07
SwineCast 0885, International Conference on Feed Efficiency in Swine October 21-22, 20152015/10/05
SwineCast 0884, Seneca Valley Virus First Event For Swine Health Information Center2015/09/24
SwineCast 0882, Seneca Valley Disease Looks Like FMD - A Lot2015/09/10
SwineCast 0880, WPX - Depopulation Event Preliminary Considerations2015/08/26
SwineCast 0878, PigTrace Canada Finding Use For Social Media2015/08/12
SwineCast 0875, WPX - Managing Herd Health In Good Times And Bad2015/07/28
SwineCast 0874, Swine Health Information Center Update With Dr. Paul Sundberg2015/07/15
SwineCast 0870, WPX - NPB's Dr. Lisa Becton On PED, ABX and SHIC (???)2015/06/17
SwineCast 0860, New PED Resource Website Answers Many Producer Questions2015/04/07
SwineCast 0859, AASV - Lameness Diagnosis And Management - SMEC2015/03/17
SwineCast 0855, PUCS and PCV2 - Which Diagnostic Tools Work For You?2015/03/03
SwineCast 0854, PCV2 Diagnostics and Treatment Options At Cargill2015/03/03
SwineCast 0846, The Future Of Antibiotic Resistance Discussions2015/01/05
SwineCast 0842, How Quality Assurance Programs Impact Antibiotic Use Debate2014/11/23
SwineCast 0841 - What's On The Table In Antibiotic Resistance Development Debate2014/11/23
SwineCast 0840, NIAA - Antibiotic Resistance Discussion Needs Everyone At The Table2014/11/10
SwineCast 0839, Gut Stress And Pathogen Access2014/10/23
SwineCast 0838, North American PRRS Conference Promises Multi-Discipline Collaboration2014/10/23
SwineCast 0837, Swine Delta Coronavirus From Infectious Disease Perspective2014/10/08
SwineCast 0836, Leman - Does Downtime Have Any Effect On Distribution Of PEDv?2014/10/08
SwineCast 0833, Are You Listening To What PED Is Saying?2014/08/21
SwineCast 0832, Management Tips For PRDC And Maintaining Productivity2014/08/21
SwineCast 0828, What Do Custom Applicators Think About PEDv2014/07/23
SwineCast 0827, Thoughts On Whole Herd Health Management - Noel Garbes2014/07/11
SwineCast 0825, WPX - NPPC President Hill Recaps WPX Highlights2014/06/26
SwineCast 0824, WPX - Ag Secretary Vilsack Discusses Mandatory PEDv Reporting and Research Funding2014/06/06
SwineCast 0822, Pork Academy Preview For World Pork Expo2014/05/29
SwineCast 0821, PEDv Update From National Pork Board (Video Available)2014/05/02
SwineCast 0820, Indiana Pork's New Exec Looks At Expanding Research2014/04/28
SwineCast 0819, Global Vet Link Connects Vets And Herd Records2014/04/28
SwineCast 0817, Manitoba Town Hall Discussion On PEDv2014/03/27
SwineCast 0811, Pork Industry Forum - PEDv Update 2014/03/07
SwineCast 0802, North American PRRS Conference Presentations Now Online - Lisa Becton2014/02/06
SwineCast 0797, Center For Disease Control Presentation On Antibiotic Resistance Development2014/01/09
SwineCast 0795, How Can Proponents for Human Antibiotics And Animal Antibiotics Work Together?2013/12/12
SwineCast 0794, Transportation Biosecurity and PEDv - Where To Start2013/11/07
SwineCast 0792, Bridging The Gap Between Animal Health And Human Health2013/11/06
SwineCast 0791, Leman - Swine Influenza And Public Health2013/10/22
SwineCast 0788, Leman, Growing Pigs With PRRSv Issues2013/10/08
SwineCast 0787, Canadian Producers Urged To Increase Biosecurity Efforts Before PEDV Crosses Border2013/09/23
SwineCast 0784, Salmonella Sources More Varied Than You Think... And What To Do?2013/09/06
SwineCast 0780, PEDV Testing Moves Ahead2013/07/27
SwineCast 0778, Heat Stress On Sows... But How Are The Offspring Affected?2013/07/25
SwineCast 0777, Trichinosis Costing U.S. Exports More Than You Think2013/07/24
SwineCast 0776, Secure Pork Supply... What Will You Do? What Can You Do?2013/07/11
SwineCast 0773, PEDV - What We Know And Wish We Did2013/06/25
SwineCast 0772, Pork Board Announces New Marketing Push And Funding For PEDV2013/06/20
SwineCast 0771, Antibiotic Legislation Update From World Pork Expo2013/06/20
SwineCast 0769, PEDV Panel Convenes And Confers At World Pork Expo2013/06/05
SwineCast 0768, Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus Outbreak Developing Story At World Pork Expo2013/06/05
SwineCast 0767, Canadian Swine Health Information Network A Critical Link For Practitioners2013/05/28
SwineCast 0764, When Did The Pigs Showing Symptoms Today Really Get Sick?2013/05/13
SwineCast 0761, NIAA - What To Do When The Pig Show Breaks With Illness2013/04/17
SwineCast 0756, Pork Board Updates Delegates On Sow Housing, Announces Educational Series2013/03/12