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Can Next Generation Sequencing Work For Whole Genome Analysis of Pathogens?

Use of Next Generation Sequencing for Whole Genome Analysis of PathogensUse of Next Generation Sequencing for Whole Genome Analysis of Pathogens Dr. Douglas Marthaler, Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota, talks about the technologies behind metagenomic sequencing and what it means for laboratory use. Dr. Marthaler provides how laboratory workflow and technology are integrated, how costs are allocated, and what to do with the data that comes out of the metagenomic sequencing technology [video].

How Does Pathogen Discovery Using Metagenomic Sequencing Work?

Pathogen Discovery Using Metagenomic SequencingPathogen Discovery Using Metagenomic Sequencing Dr. Ben Hause, College of Veterinary Medicine, Kansas State University, shares what metagenomic sequencing is and how it can be used to help identify swine health issues. Dr. Hause details several projects that have used metagenomic sequencing and what the outcomes were [video].

Managing Antimicrobial Use

Hanson Lecture: Changes in Antimicrobial Use - PractitionerHanson Lecture: Changes in Antimicrobial Use - Practitioner Dr. Paul Ruen, Fairmont Veterinary Clinic, LLP, delivers the Hansen Lecture on the topic of managing antimicrobial use. Dr. Ruen reviews the Veterinary Feed Directive as it stands today and what strategies practitioners need to consider going into 2017 and beyond [video].

Growing A Diversified Business In Agriculture And Food

Growth Of A Pig Production Business: Consumer Challenges, Strategy, and OpportunitiesGrowth Of A Pig Production Business: Consumer Challenges, Strategy, and Opportunities Dr. Bradley Wolter, President, Dr. Aaron Gaines, VP, of Technology & Support Operation, and Julie Berling, Senior Director, Strategic Insights and Communications, The Maschhoffs, bring thoughts on developing a pork business in the light of consumer challenges, changes in strategy, and staying true to a core set of beliefs and values [video].

#SciComm: Science Communication Now Challenges

The #Scicomm: Challenge Facing Animal AgricultureThe #Scicomm: Challenge Facing Animal Agriculture Dr. Alison Van Eenennaam, Department of Animal Science, University of California, Davis, USA, shares how communication of science is not working between people in agriculture and those outside of agriculture. One of her key messages: facts are not compelling to the public. Dr. Van Eenennaam says it is critical that communication be tailored to the needs of a specific audience for there to be real change in how people connect to agriculture [video].
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