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What Is Infectious Disease Surveillance?

Developments in infectious disease surveillanceDevelopments in infectious disease surveillance Dr. Jeff Zimmerman, Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, Iowa State University, outlines developments in infectious disease surveillance. Dr. Zimmerman highlights how data is being collected and analyzed to better understand "what is happening" in disease detection (aka surveillance). Dr. Zimmerman concludes with recommendations for on farm oral fluid surveillance. [video].


Pathogenesis and control of Chinese highly pathogenic Porcine Reproductive & Respiratory Syndrome (PRRSV)Pathogenesis and control of Chinese highly pathogenic Porcine Reproductive & Respiratory Syndrome (PRRSV) Dr. Hanchun Yang, China Agricultural University, reviews the research of Highly Pathogenic Porcine Reproductive & Respiratory Syndrome (HP-PRRSV) in China. Several key take aways: HP-PRRSV has stronger ability of suppressing cell-mediated immunity of pigs & HP-PRRSV infection causes severe lung lesions and expanded tissue lesions of pigs [video].

Swine, Data, and Informatics

Big data and models: Are they really useful in disease management?Big data and models: Are they really useful in disease management? Dr. Jim Lowe, University of Illinois, looks at big data and asks if they are really useful in animal health. Dr. Lowe suggests that animal agriculture is a very complicated and confusing set of systems with variations in many sub-areas, for example biological, mechanical, and human behavior. Dr. Lowe shares how animal agriculture has lots of data and how data can be collected in a systematic fashion to help improve animal health [video].

Economic and Market Forecasts

Pork Industry Economics UpdatePork Industry Economics Update Dr. Steve Meyer outlines the current market conditions and highlights trends occurring across the major meat businesses. In working through the details, Dr. Meyer offers some action items swine producers might consider and under what conditions. The closing Q&A helps clarify some of the thoughts going into 2017 under a new administration [video].

Reflection On Swine Health Information Center Beginnings

This is a look back on the Swine Health Information Center (SHIC) as it passes through its second year. In the next several months, Dr. Paul Sundberg, SHIC's Executive Director, will be sharing updates to producers and looking for feedback on how the center is working.

Below is a timeline of several key SHIC related presentations to help understand the background and the direction SHIC is currently taking. See the SHIC landing page for fuller review of the Center [link].

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