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Better BBQ, Pitmaster Secrets

Pitmaster Secrets: Award Winning BBQ Tips and TricksKnow Your Heat, Know Your Meat Top Barbecuer Elliot Mellow, BBQ ASAP (as in As Smoked As Possible) shares his tips from being a competition barbecuer since 2006. Elliot helps people understand the differences between barbecue and grilling. His tips will help the outcome be great food for you. Key to barbecue and grilling is the kind of meat being used. Elliot also shares information on the types and kinds of equipment and techniques that can be used. Elliot's preferences is to use a technique that is not only a heat source but can add flavor; charcoal with a combination of wood chunks or chips over the top.

Pork Risk and Opportunities

Pork Economic UpdateTrade and Consumer Trends Dr. Steve Meyer, Paragon Economics, says one of the key issues this year is the fundamental shift in the costs side of grains. The industry is past the ethanol and really tight supply situations and that the pork industry will not be going through those two issues in a while. Dr. Meyer suggests the new risks to monitor: trade issues, PEDv impact on pre-weaning mortality falls to near zero, and demand weakening.

Manure Applicators, Processes and Approach

Working with Custom Manure ApplicatorsHire The Manure Pros This panel discussion on custom manure applicators aims to help people understand how custom applicators work and what people need to know. The panel covers the permitting, prices, and issues that occur in working with manure application and applicators. Key take away: the permit holder is responsible for many of the regulatory and legal aspects.

Health Soil, Health Food

Soil Health InitiativeSoil Health Determines Future Food Health Doug Peterson, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), helps pork producers understand soil health and how it impacts crop production. Mr. Peterson shares what healthy soil can be and points out some of the issues that are in the crop ecosystem today. Mr. Peterson offers that the health of the soil is an indicator of the health of the food system and recommends resources for crop producers to learn more.

Animal Diseases: State Veterinarian Perspective

State Veterinarian Perspective/Regulations on Swine Enteric Coronavirus Disease (SECD)Understanding Swine Enteric Coronavirus Disease Dr. David Schmitt, Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, shares a state veterinarian perspective on Swine Enteric Coronavirus Disease (SECD). Dr. Schmitt also provides an update on SECD in Iowa and what steps are being done to monitor and reduce risks of getting SECD on farms. Dr. Schmitt offers additional steps farms need to take for transportation washing and sample testing.
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