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Dealing With Animal Emergencies

The Texas A&M Veterinary Emergency Team - Beyond Academics With Integrated All-Hazards ResponseBeyond Academics With Integrated All-Hazards Response Dr. Deb Zoran, DVM, PhD; Dr. Matt Cochran, DVM, PhD; Dr. Wesley Bissett, DVM, PhD - Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine and Biosciences, summarize emergency response activities and what steps people take in such a situations. Dr. Cochran details several incidents in which the team participated in handling emergency responses and highlights lessons learned.

ADT: How Does The USDA See It?

USDA Update on Implementation of Animal Disease TraceabilityImplementation of Animal Disease Traceability Mr. Neil Hammerschmidt, Program Manager, Animal Disease Traceability, USDA APHIS VS; Dr. Jack Shere, Associate Deputy Administrator, APHIS Veterinary Services, share the USDA update on the implementations of the Animal Disease Traceability (ADT) rule.

How Can RCRA Liability Impact Your Agricultural Operations?

When Animal Manure is Regulated like Municipal Dumps – Imposing RCRA Liability on Agricultural OperationsWill Your Operation Be Labeled As A Dump? Ms. Deb Kristensen, Partner at Givens Pursley, LLP, shares her presentation "When Animal Manure is Regulated like Municipal Dumps", from the recent National Institute for Animal Agriculture meeting in Indianapolis.

Ms. Kristensen points out that new tactics are being developed, using the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) against agricultural operations. This approach is novel and could severely impact all farm operations that have manure.

PEDv leasons For Future History

PEDv - what we did wrong and what we should do in the futureFuture Proofing Against Animal Diseases? Dr. Joe Connor, Carthage Veterinary Service, digs deep into the issues and challenges of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv). Dr. Connor tries to address the questions of what the swine world did correct, what went wrong, and what should be done in the future. Dr. Connor closes with several cautionary statements that swine people need to know.

Answering Questions About and For Swine Veterinarians

Answering Questions About and For Swine VeterinariansFocusing On People In this panel presentation, Drs. Baysinger, Connor, Kristensen, and Lowe, address audience questions about leadership, education, regulation, and the future of swine production.
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