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Antibiotics: Ready for January 1, 2017? Mill, Veterinarian, And You

The future of Antibiotic Use: Are you, your feed mill and veterinarian ready for January 1, 2017? How did we get here? What does it mean?The future of Antibiotic Use: Are you, your feed mill and veterinarian ready for January 1, 2017? How did we get here? What does it mean? Dr. Paul Ruen, Fairmont Veterinary Clinic, asks the question "Are you, your feed mill, and veterinarian ready for January 1, 2017?" Dr. Ruen opens with the media view on the changes that will impact farm animal producers and antibiotic resistance. Dr. Ruen then dives into the message that change is coming and all producers need to plan for that change. He provides specifics on the changes coming and what parts farms, veterinarians, nutritionists, and feed mills must participate in [video].

Solving Problems Around Current PRRS/PEDv Epidemic Thresholds

PRRS & PEDV Control Proposal: Open ForumPRRS & PEDV Control Proposal: Open Forum Dr. David Wright, Wright Veterinary Services, and Dr. Bill Hartmann, Minnesota Board of Animal Health, share thoughts on a proposal to improve the value of Minnesota PRRS & PED control. Drs. Wright and Hartmann walk though the progress of current MN PRRS elimination projects and outline what is next to resolve problems around current epidemic thresholds of new PRRS incident cases [video].

Veterinarian Persepctive On New Antibiotic Use Regulations

Antibiotics: What do the new regulations mean to the Producer?Antibiotics: What do the new regulations mean to the Producer? Dr. Laura Bruner, Swine Vet Center, provides a vet perspective on new regulations and their meaning to the producers. Dr. Bruner walks through the practical steps on how the veterinary feed directive will change operational activities. Key messages: more communication with veterinarians and nutritionists will occur and accurate documentation plus record keeping on the medications being used in specific formats is a must. Plan and practice for these changes now [video].

Panel Discussion on Veterinary Feed Directive Impacts To Producers

The Future of Antibiotic UseThe Future of Antibiotic Use In the panel titled "The Future of Antibiotic Use" Dr. Paul Ruen, Dr. Laura Bruner, and Dr. Peter Davies take on questions on what the veterinary feed directives will do to pork farm operations. On of the key panel question centered around collecting data to better understand the impacts of the regulations. Key take aways include: collaboration across all species is important to help improve animal health, meet consumer expectations, and protect people from further antibiotic resistance health issues [video].

How Outbreak Investigations Help Reduce PRRSv Outbreaks

A Systematic Approach to PRRS Outbreak InvestigationsSystematic Approaches To PRRSv Outbreak Reductions Kimberlee Gerardy, Veterinary Diagnostic Production Animal Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine, Iowa State University, details the actions to a systematic approach to porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSv) outbreak investigations. Ms. Gerardy points out the goals of an investigation is understand when farm operations can return to base line production faster after an outbreak and then to keep PRRSv out. Ms. Gerardy states that keeping PRRSv is hard and shares outbreak investigation research that aims to help reduce outbreaks [video].
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