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Swine Health Center Update To Animal Health Community

Swine Health Center UpdateSwine Health Center Update Dr. Paul Sundberg, Executive Director, Swine Health Information Center (SHIC), is focused on the non-regulatory trans boundary diseases. With the mission of protecting and enhancing the health of the US swine herd, SHIC aims to weave together people, data, processes, and analysis to help the industry stay tuned and prepared. Dr. Sundberg shares the SHIC plan of work and details on who is involved with the animal health experts attending the 2016 NIAA Annual Conference: From Farm to Table - Food System Biosecurity for Animal Agriculture [video].

Ceva Vision And Future

Introduction to CevaIntroduction to Ceva Dr. Marc Prikazsky, CEO & Chairman of the Board, Ceva Santé Animale S.A., shares his vision of Ceva and how the employees of Ceva plan to advance that vision into new areas and countries [video].

On Becoming Better Diagnosticians

 Are We Doing as Good as We Know?Disease Interventions: Are We Doing as Good as We Know? Dr. Kent Schwartz, Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, Iowa State University, shares thoughts on disease intervention and asking "Are we doing as good as we know?" Dr. Schwartz suggests that data is needed to help solve the mysteries that animal diseases present to diagnosticians. One of his closing thoughts "There are no magic bullets and very few secrets to produce healthy pigs." [video].

The State Of Pork Today

Swine Industry Expectations, Innovations & TransformationsSwine Industry Expectations, Innovations & Transformations In this panel of swine experts, questions are discussed about handling disease emergencies at a national level, who are the trusted sources of information about the food supply, and the public perceptions of agriculture and how to respond.

Moderator Neil Dierks, CEO National Pork Producers Council, and panelists Dr. Tom Burkgren, Executive Director, American Association of Swine Veterinarians; Jan Hueber, General Manager and Co-Owner, Great Plains Management; and Bob Ruth, President, Country View Family Farms [video].

Using Complexity Theory To Understand Swine Vaccine Responses

 The Importance of Tissue-Level ActivityThe Chaos of Vaccine Responses: The Importance of Tissue-Level Activity Dr. David Hurley, Department of Large Animal Medicine, University of Georgia, dives into the science and physiology of tissue level activity and using Chaos Theory (or Complexity Theory if you prefer) to understand vaccine responses. This presentation shares detailed illustrations that explain tissue level events (their duration and strength plus their diversity).

One key takeaway is vaccines are able to protect target tissues other than the vaccine site because once ordered and produced in effective quantity and for the right challenge, the products will enter all body tissues expressing damage and danger. [video].

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