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Litter Size: Starting Off Right

Valuing an Increase in Swine Litter SizeHow Do You Value Swine Litter Size? Dr. John Kolb presents the economic approach to putting a value on increasing born alive litter size. Dr. Kolb shares several tools to help managers look at the economic and financial factors of born alive litters.

Valuing Swine Diseases in Production

Swine Disease Diagnostics and Economics ConsiderationsEconomics Considerations of Swine Diseases Dr. James Kober looks at sick pigs testing and surveillance testing from an economic point of view. Dr. Kober starts by asking "How much is the right amount to spend on diagnostics and / or surveillance?". He then looks at the factors that are used to help answer the economic questions. Key take away: size of operation will influence the approach. Additionally, focus of operation's goal will impact approach.

Sick Pigs Have a Cost

Mycoplasma Infection Costs In A Naïve Swine PopulationIllness Costs In Naïve Swine Population Dr. Tom Gillespie uses mycoplasma infection in an economic presentation to help managers, staff, and veterinarians understand the costs diagnostic and treatment options of sick pigs. Costs will vary depending on pathogens associated with the outbreak and variables included. Dr. Gillespie asks "How can you start to apply costs in your monitoring approaches?"

PEDV is Testing National Biosecurity

National Biosecurity and Foreign Animal Disease Preparedness and ResponsePEDV As A Test Dr. Tim Snider boldly points out that PEDV is a warning shot for national biosecurity and foreign animal disease preparedness and response. He shares this presentations as a way to spur people to awareness. That PEDV has occurred is actually a good test for businesses to review and update their business continuity plans. Dr. Snider highlights some of the experiences people have had with communication with PEDV.

Swine Feeding Options and Health Status

Feeding Pigs According to HealthFeeding Pigs According to Health Dr. Don Giesting looks at the pig neonatal transition period from a liquid to dry diet; going from mother's milk to eating on their own. He presents information on what production staff can do to optimize performance of the pigs. His key take away: We need better models of gut immunity, microbial status, management effects & opportunities to improve these. Additionally, the industry needs to create better targeted delivery of additives and nutrient precursors to key areas of the gut.
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