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What are New Perspectives on Disease Management?

Infection disease managementInfection Chain Concept Dr. Edgar Diaz, Boehringer Ingelheim, aims to provide an informative presentation on the infection chain concept. One of the ideas Dr. Diaz recommends is the idea of "chain thinking": production chain, infection chain, and prevention chain.

PCV2 Infections Aren’t For The Faint Of Heart

PCV2 UnstablePCV2 Infections, What Next? Dr. Darin Madson, Iowa State University, takes a look at the nuances of PCV2 infection. Dr. Madson highlights the PCV2 strains and what outcomes can occur in sick pigs. Dr. Madson suggests that PCV2 infections can manifest as reproductive failure, or be subclinical fetal infection and vaccination strategy and timing is important to decrease PCV2 viremia within the breeding herd.

Do You Hear The First Pig Cough… Or The Last? And When To Treat

Chronology of a CoughChronology of a Cough Dr. Jim Lowe, Lowe Consulting Limited, LLC, presents an approach to understanding coughing in pigs. Dr. Lowe walks through the process of what happens before the cough and what farm production staff tend to do in reaction to a cough. Take aways: What you see in late finishing is merely a reflection of what happened 6-10 months ago in the sow farm; and Vaccines are not the problem nor are they they solution, they are one tool of many that we need to employ.

Exports Are Pork

US Pork survives and thrives on exportsAudio: US Pork Exports The US Pork survives and thrives on exports. At National Pork Industry Forum, Chairman of NPPC's Trade Policy Committee, Doug Wolf shares where the action is and what roadblocks are in the way.

You have a disaster plan - Right?

Planning Your Response to On-Farm EmergenciesFarm Accident or Disaster? Are You Prepared? Farming involves a large set of complex tasks with people to make them happen. And farming operations offer many types of opportunities for making mistakes. Hopefully those mistakes are small. But sometimes they can be big and dangerous. Your response can make the difference between a safe recovery to bodily injury plus complete loss of the farm, business, and income. Jerry Foster shares why having a response plan is important and highlights some of the areas in which to concentrate recovery plan designs.
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