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Are Meat Demand and Feed Prices Related?

Feed Prices Impact Meat Demand
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Paragon Economics Dr. Steve Meyer walks through meat demand, corn prices ($4-$8??) and weather issues.
The total feed supply is going down. Long term we need to get more efficient or we get smaller. Can we get efficient enough to that we can grow with a shrinking supply of energy feed?
Dr. Meyer also looks into the ethanol industry, how it fared in 2011 and what it may do in 2012, with respect to their need for corn inputs.

Swine Economic Outlook a Roller-coaster?

2012 Steve Meyer Corn Yield Chart How will the pork industry fare in 2012? Dr. Steve Meyer says 2012 has five key issues to keep an eye on: exports, U.S. Demand, feed prices, hog/pork supplies, and packing capacity. Steve also highlights the relationships between crops and costs.
Total feed supply is going down. This means we either get more efficient or we get smaller.

Keeping Pigs Entertained

Pigs At Play How can you not love this! Pigs that play. This art and design project from Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU) Wageningen University and Research Centre aims to understand how provide entertainment to pigs.

The driver for this research is European legislation that requires pig farmers to provide entertainment in the pens to combat boredom, aggression and tail biting amongst pigs, which will hopefully eliminate the need for routine tail-docking.

Are There Market Struggles in Meat and Poultry Demand?

Jan 2012 Meyer Swine Economics

Dr. Steve Meyer, Paragon Economics, provided an update on the state of the meat and poultry markets. His main take away is that the demand continued to struggle late 2011.

The bad news is that these "annual" numbers for 2011 have been getting worse and worse as the year has progressed.

Steve reminds us that the indexes only describe how demand is changing, not why a change is occurring. He believes consumer incomes and spending was the major negative force in the domestic market in 2011.

Charts below from Paragon Economics, using USDA data.

2012 Pork Events Coming Up Soon!

Coming up in January are two main pork industry events.

2012 Minnesota Pork Congress The Minnesota Pork Congress is January 18-19 in Minneapolis, MN. Of note: The pre-congress ventilation seminar on January 17, the keynote January 18 featuring Haydn Shaw on Leading Across Generations, and the Pork Congress trade show January 18 and 19.

2012 Iowa Pork Congress The 2012 Iowa Pork Congress, January 25-26, in Des Moines, Iowa offers insight and observations on the swine production, economics, and legislative activities. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with the presentation experts and discover more on the trade show floor.
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