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Were These The Days?

What Role Will Animal Biotechnology Play in Feeding the World?What Role Will Animal Biotechnology Play in Feeding the World? Dr. Alison Van Eenennaam's presentation opens with a retrospective music video comparing agriculture as a process and output from the 1920's and 1930's to what is able to be produced in the 2000's. Dr. Van Eenennaam then brings out the core topic of how biotechnology has evolved throughout the last century to help create more food with less impact.

How Transparent is Agriculture?

Agriculture TransparencyFarm King Transparency Special guests Farm Kings (@FarmKings) join the #AgChat conversation about transparency in agriculture and how they approach their show on GAC. How should farmers and ranchers approach telling their story? How can one handle the trolls? And what actually is involved in making a TV show?

Ask A Farmer or Rancher

Ask A Farmer or RancherQuestions? Ask A Farmer or Rancher What do you want to know about farming, ranching, or agriculture? This #FoodChat focused on helping non-farm, non-ranch people learn more about who live and work on ranches and farms. Find out about how things get done and discover what people in agriculture think about some hot ag topics.

What are New Perspectives on Disease Management?

Infection disease managementInfection Chain Concept Dr. Edgar Diaz, Boehringer Ingelheim, aims to provide an informative presentation on the infection chain concept. One of the ideas Dr. Diaz recommends is the idea of "chain thinking": production chain, infection chain, and prevention chain.

PCV2 Infections Aren’t For The Faint Of Heart

PCV2 UnstablePCV2 Infections, What Next? Dr. Darin Madson, Iowa State University, takes a look at the nuances of PCV2 infection. Dr. Madson highlights the PCV2 strains and what outcomes can occur in sick pigs. Dr. Madson suggests that PCV2 infections can manifest as reproductive failure, or be subclinical fetal infection and vaccination strategy and timing is important to decrease PCV2 viremia within the breeding herd.
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