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Are Fish Like Pigs?

Exploring Lessons from Disease Management in Commercial AquacultureExploring Lessons from Disease Management in Commercial Aquaculture Dr. John Hawke, Professor, Chief Diagnostician, Louisiana Aquatic Diagnostic Laboratory, Louisiana State University, opens with background on aquaculture and the issues the industry has. Dr. Hawke shares how aquaculture health management has applicable goals and issues like those in swine and aims to relate them to veterinarians [video].

What Steps Are You Taking On Swine Diseases?

Recognition, Prevention and Control of Swine DiseasesRecognition, Prevention and Control of Swine Diseases Dr. Bryan Myers, Pipestone Veterinary Clinic, presents on how to identify, prevent, and control swine diseases in pig barns. Dr. Myers states planning is key to help handle issues when they occur. Dr. Myers details step by step actions barn managers and staff should have in their plans [video].

Turn Record Keeping Into Improved Operations

Keeping Records for your Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) PermitKeeping Records for your Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) Permit Michael Heaton, Environmental Scientist, Missouri DNR, opens with the comment that many farm operations he sees have trouble keeping records. Keeping records are important to help protect the environment, farm operations are more likely to fix issues when written down, and the law demands the information to help improve the large picture of farming and agriculture [video].

High Quality Water Helps Produce High Quality Pigs

Managing Water Quality on the FarmManaging Water Quality on the Farm Mary Foy, Proxy Clean, talks about water, quality, and animal health. Ms. Foy highlights the core issues where water is part of the problem. Ms. Foy details steps to better understand the water quality and how to diagnose issues with water [video].

Barbeques, A Great Community Builder

Let’s Talk BBQLet’s Talk BBQ Steve Demaray, Lynch Livestock, shares why barbecues are community builders and great for events. Mr. Demaray outlines some of his cooker secrets, helps the audience better understand saucing, and shares best approaches to serving your barbecue [video].
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