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Consumers And The Future They Drive

Back to the Future: Producing Food in a Changing Consumer EnvironmentBack to the Future: Producing Food in a Changing Consumer Environment Dr. Craig Rowles, Chief Operating Officer, Biova LLC, shares the story of going from pigs to the layer egg business. Dr. Rowles' mission is to highlight that the pressures the egg laying business has is the same, or will be like, those in the swine industry. [video].

From The Panel

Q & A PanelQuestions and Answers Drs. Harding, Hawke, Lindberg, and Rowles participate in the question and answer session to address how they work with people, understand the issues, figure out solutions for their customers, and what communications approaches they use [video].

Getting Better

You Cannot Improve What You Do Not MeasureYou Cannot Improve What You Do Not Measure Dr. Nels Lindberg, Owner, Animal Medical Center and PAC Consultant, shares how to build a vet practice across multiple species based on developing people to be better. Dr. Lindberg's take away "A Leader's job is to develop more leaders." [video].

Thinking Ahead

Starting with the End in MindStarting with the End in Mind Dr. Abbey Harding, Lowe Consulting, Ltd., shares an outlook of swine in 2016 and into 2017. Dr. Harding details thoughts on helping producers be successful in a low margin market. Key messages: Efficiency is king, utilize your people to be the best, and understand how to manage risks [video].

Are Fish Like Pigs?

Exploring Lessons from Disease Management in Commercial AquacultureExploring Lessons from Disease Management in Commercial Aquaculture Dr. John Hawke, Professor, Chief Diagnostician, Louisiana Aquatic Diagnostic Laboratory, Louisiana State University, opens with background on aquaculture and the issues the industry has. Dr. Hawke shares how aquaculture health management has applicable goals and issues like those in swine and aims to relate them to veterinarians [video].
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