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Global Pork/Protein Update

Understanding the Course - Opportunities in a Global MarketUnderstanding the Course - Opportunities in a Global Market Brett Stuart, Global AgriTrends, shares a set of economic stories that impact the meat industry. Mr. Stuart believes the global economy is wobbly: governments pumping more money into the market, highlights the US currency vs others, Brazil issues, and EU pork prices. Take away is that China is lapping up EU supplies, US production is up (but domestic demand is uncertain), and market "gravity" is up on a long-term basis [video].

Global and European Pig Meat Market

Focus on Preparation - Anticipating Changing ConditionsFocus on Preparation - Anticipating Changing Conditions Dr. Miguel Angel Higuera, National Association of Swine Producers (Spain), shares global and European meat sector perspectives. Dr. Higuera points out that China, EU, then the US are the three biggest pork producers and consumers. On the flip side, the EU, USA, and Canada are the three biggest exporters of pork. Dr. Higuera dives into the EU market, consumer perceptions, and the how those perceptions have changed pork production in the EU. Dr. Higuera closes with a thought on how to get to 40 piglets per sow per year [video].

The State Of Agricultural Marketing Service Livestock, Poultry and Seed Programs

Mandatory Price Reporting ChangesMandatory Price Reporting Changes Dr. Craig Morris, Deputy Administrator, USDA Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) Livestock, Poultry and Seed Program, provides an update on the Agricultural Marketing Service, how it has changed, and what services are being supported, like the Market News, webinars, and other information sources [video].

Risks & Opportunities: Livestock & Poultry Outlook

Livestock & Poultry OutlookLivestock & Poultry Outlook Dr. Steve Meyer, Vice-President, Pork Analysis, EMI Analytics, provides a refresher on the livestock & poultry outlook, issues to monitor, and opportunities to think about. Dr. Meyer ends with some indicators on the risks being tracked, like Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) and major export disruptions [video].

Weather, Weather, Weather!

Weather Outlook 2016 & BeyondWeather Outlook 2016 & Beyond Dr. Elwynn Taylor, Iowa State University, provides an update on how weather has impacted / helped farmers. Dr. Taylor provides background info on how weather history has changed and what it means for farmers today. Dr. Taylor emphasizes risk management is a key element on crop management and farmers need to get serious on using risk management techniques [video].
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