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No Info Means Bad Decissions

Meat/Poultry Economic Update & OutlookAre Feed Prices Good or Bad? Dr. Steve Meyer, Paragon Economics, Inc., provides context about how last fall's government shut down impacted the economics of pork production and what data was missing. Dr. Meyer also provided insights on what is on the horizon for meat supplies and their prices.

PEDV and PPRS Update

The Dreaded Ps of Pork Production - PRRS and PEDVDo You Know Your Ps? Dr. Pete Lasley, Murphy-Brown of Missouri, LLC, covers basic information on PRRS and PEDV to help farm management and staff better manage their herds. Dr. Lasley also provides a timely update on PEDV in North America.

Stay Ahead of Your Lagoons

Lagoon Management Panel DiscussionAre Your Lagoons Working? Jerry Foster, Environmental Manager, Cargill, moderates a panel discussion about lagoon management. The panel looks at how to stay focused on applying state and federal regulations into day to day farm operations. Panel tips provided can also help improve your staff's productivity.

Are You Handing Your Pit Well?

Solid Solutions For Your PitDo You Have Solid Solutions For Your Pit? Dr. Ted Funk, Ted Funk Consulting, offers a series of actions to help manage swine manure pits. Dr. Funk offers input on ventilation, pumping, foaming, level management, and manure nutrient value. Dr. Funk suggests that operations be focused on safety & airy quality, environmental protection, and plan for best use of nutrients.

Does PRRS Load-Close-Expose Work?

What Have We Learned Regarding the Impact of MLV or LVI in the L-C-E Protocol for Breeding Herd Stabilization?Looking At Swine Farm Data Dr. Daniel Linhares, PIC/Agroceres, provides some perspectives on what has been learned regarding the impact of modified live virus (MLV) or live virus inocula (LVI) in the load-close-expose (L-C-E) protocol for breeding herd stabilization. Dr. Linhares shares research metrics and how processes have changed as a result.
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