Foreign Animal Disease Preparedness

Foreign Animal Disease PreparednessReally Ready? Dr. Lisa Becton, National Pork Board, reviews US Foreign Animal Disease preparedness. Dr. Becton focuses on the big issue diseases, like Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD), Swine Vesicular Disease (SVD), and Seneca Valley Virus (because it looks like FMD). Take away: With increasing global commerce and travel, protection of the industry is more important than ever plus continue to work on “tying all the information together” for rapid decision-making and response [video].

Emerging Diseases:The Past and Future

Emerging Diseases:The Past and FutureWhat Do We Need To Know? Dr. Robert Desrosiers, Boehringer Ingelheim, talks about emerging diseases. Dr. Desrosiers looks at transmission, pulls in the history of diseases, and then highlights issues that need focus on the future of diseases. Key message is that there is persistent vulnerability in North America, specifically around 2 or 3 PEDv strains, porcine deltacoronavirus, and mutant PCV2 [video]

Influenza ‘A’ Virus in Swine, An Overview

Influenza A Virus in SwineOverview of Disease and Diagnosis Dr. Phil Gauger, Iowa State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (VDL), talks about Influenza ‘A’ Virus in swine. Dr. Gauger details how the VDL works and the focus of the lab's business (mainly swine). Dr. Gauger shares information on disease vectors and analysis that has been accomplished, along with vaccines and other products to help control diseases [video].

Hog and Pork Economics

Economics: Hog and Pork OutlookGlimpse Of Future Markets? Dr. Ron Plain, D. Howard Doane Professor of Agricultural Economics, University of Missouri-Columbia, says "size of the swine herd is driven by last year’s profitability". Dr. Plain provides a round approach to the state of the pork economics and a glimpse into some possible futures in 2016 [video].

Antibiotics and Veterinary Feed Directive

Antibiotics and Veterinary Feed Directive: The times, they are a changinPork, Antibiotics, and Future Changes Dr. Harry Snelson, American Association of Swine Veterinarians, talks about antibiotics and the Veterinary Feed Directive impacts. There will be some process changes throughout the entire feed and animal health ecosystem. Big end message: "Extra-label use of feed grade antimicrobials remains illegal for both veterinarians and producers" [video].