Rotovirus: Pathogen, Diagnostics, Immunity, and Prevention

Rotavirus Update: Pathogen, Diagnostics, Immunity and PreventionWhat is Rotovirus? Dr. Darin Madson provides an update on rotavirus: the pathogen; diagnostics; immunity and prevention. The rotavirus is everywhere and almost all farms will test positive, and is a major cause of diarrhea. The things that make this rotavirus challenging is that it is very resistant to environmental degradation plus it has it has the ability to easily swap genetic material with other viruses. This means there are several rotavirus classifications that can be diagnosed.

Salmonella, Pork Production, and Consumer Safety

Pre-Harvest Risk Factors for Salmonella in Pork ProductionSalmonella and Pigs Dr. Marcos Rostagno, Research Animal Scientist/Adjunct Faculty, USDA-ARS / Purdue University, provides an overview of salmonella and its role in pork production. Salmonella tends to be thought of as a food safety and public health issue. With agriculture being perceived by consumers as really food production, pork production practices will be seen in the light of food production too. Dr. Rostagno's take aways: Everyone has a critical role in the salmonella challenge: producers, processors, retailers, and consumers alike.

Infection Chain and Improving Disease Management

Research Supporting the Infection Chain in Improving Disease ManagementPiglet Approach to System Approach Dr. Eduardo Fano presents an overview on the ideas around "where to target for improved disease management". Dr. Fano suggests that the approach to minimizing exposure and maximizing immunity requires putting in place a systematic approach called "Infection Chain/Prevention Management".

Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus Update

Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus UpdateUpdates on PEDV Dr. Darin Madson tackles explaining the science side of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDV), with the aim of helping managers and staff understand what is being done to detect, isolate, and understand the virus so as to help contain and stop the virus' spread. Dr. Madson also shares what research is being done and what actionable information is being developed.

What Are Bacon Economics?

Dr. Dennis DiPietre - Bacon Quality Dilemma - Production for Pigs and the DDGSBacon Boom, Bust, Boom Dr. Dennis DiPietre takes a trip through pork economics to help bring perspective why the market is where it is today. He then look to the current data to help producers understand where costs of production are going to be and how various inputs play a part. Take away: demand for corn now requires record or near-record crop to avoid very low stocks-to-use ratios and price rationing.