SwineCast 1191, Panel On Foreign African Swine Fever Experiences Including Update On ASF In Dominican Republic And Haiti

SwineCast 1191 Show Notes:
  • From the 2022 Iowa Pork Congress, Dr. Meredith Peterson (Swine Medicine Education Center) moderates a panel that brings producers insights on African Swine Fever in other countries. The panel also provides an update on ASF in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.
  • On the panel are Dr. Jack Shere (USDA), Dr. Verna Schutz-Schwark (DRV), Dr. Martina Oetjen (Westfleisch SCE mbH), and Dr. Keith Erlandson (Zoetis), with Dr. Meredith Peterson (Swine Medicine Education Center) as the moderator.

SwineCast 1055, Update on The USDA Animal Disease Tractability Program

SwineCast 1055 Show Notes:
  • From the 2019 National Institute for Animal Agriculture Annual meeting in Des Moines, Iowa, Gregory Ibach, the USDA Under Secretary of Agriculture for Marketing and Regulatory Programs, provides a high level update on the USDA animal disease tractability program.

SwineCast 0924, WPX - Update On Mandatory Price Reporting From USDA

SwineCast 0924 Show Notes:
  • From the Strategic Investment Program Luncheon at World Pork Expo, Dr. Craig Morris, deputy administrator, livestock, Poultry and Seed Program at USDA shares this producer update on Mandatory Price Reporting changes.
  • Link to Dr. Morris' Video Presentation

Dr. Larry Granger - USDA Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy

USDA Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy - Dr. Larry Granger, Leads the Antimicrobial Resistance Program for the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Veterinary Services, from the 2014 NIAA Symposium on Antibiotics Use and Resistance: Moving Forward Through Shared Stewardship, November 12-14, 2014, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

USDA Swine Health Program Update

Swine Health Program Update What are some of the swine health programs run under the USDA and how are they doing? Dr. Troy Bigelow provides an update on the programs, where additional surveillance is needed, and what the future looks like. Take away: surveillance activities will continue to evolve and become more comprehensive.

SwineCast 0329 for Aug 12 2008

SwineCast 0329 Show Notes:

  • USDA crop report should reflect in lower corn prices
  • Country of Origin Labeling... Time for the rubber to meet the road
  • Doing business with China. Dr Steven McOrist shares his experience in dealing with this important trading partner

2008 NIAA Animal Care and Well-Being: Comprehensive USDA Business Plan Review

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SwineCast 0298 for April 25 2008

SwineCast 0298 Show Notes:

  • NPPC requests USDA help on US industry crisis
  • Money-saving steps from Mike Tokach to help to you hold on
  • Sow herd nutrition research featuring grad student Ryan Samuel.  Looking at the amino acid and energy levels of your rations
  • Immigration regs tweaked by the Department of Homeland Security and your responsibility

SwineCast 0282 for February 29 2008

SwineCast 0282 Show Notes:

  • At the Commodity Classic in Nashville... attendees upbeat but concerned about the future.  How long will the good times last?
  • Ag Sec Shafer says USDA will deal with future 'Hallmark-like issues'
  • Some research on trailer use... pots vs straights with Elanco's Dr Matt Ritter
  • PSC's Dr Bernardo Predicala looks at possible energy savings in swine production systems
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