Two Sides of the Same Book

Spend some time evaluating the different kinds of jobs available to us in the agriculture industry, and something interesting starts to emerge. Almost as if there were two different covers on the same book, there appears to be two different genre’s to exist in, if you work in the agriculture industry. First, you have the stereotypical farm work that anyone can see. Tractors driving through the fields, someone bailing hay, a farmer working on equipment, another hauling manure - all the kinds of jobs that get the day to day dirty work done.

Then, there is the other side of the book - jobs that keep people traveling all the time, working in cities, holding meetings in board rooms, attending industry events to connect with others. When considering or reevaluating a career in ag we have to ask the questions, “What side is right for me? How do I choose?”

Do you love the farm? This is the first question you should ask yourself if you you’re considering a career in production. Next question: Can you see yourself working on the farm every day? If you can visualize yourself getting up day after day to tend animals, work on equipment, plan for spring planting, harvest during all hours of the day, or clean barns whenever necessary, then production might be for you.

What about a career in agribusiness? Perhaps something is drawing you to the business side of things - you find yourself interested the deals that connect the farm to the family dinner table. Maybe you have a desire to further educate yourself, network in at industry events, travel a bit, and interact with people on a consistent basis. If this sounds a bit more like you, the agribusiness side of the book may be your preferential reading.

Let us also understand that the lines are grayed - many production jobs include a great deal of business knowledge and learning. Quite a few business types spend time getting dirty every day too. However, when making a career decision that is right for you - understand there are different sectors of the industry, and you might choose one over the other.