Dr. John McGlone - Market pig transport

Market pig transport - Dr. John McGlone, from the 2012 Allen D. Leman Swine Conference, September 15-18, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.

Dr. Avi Sapkota - Transport bedding - can less be better?

Transport bedding - can less be better? - Avi Sapkota, Ph.D., Texas Tech University, from the 2012 World Pork Expo, June 6-8, Des Moines, Iowa, USA.

SwineCast 0703, What Transportation Stressors Can Be Minimized Or Eliminated?

Download mp3SwineCast 0703 Show Notes:
  • Canada's Prairie Swine Centre is joining with the Universities of Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Guelph and Laval University to identify transportation stressors which may lead to meat quality issues. This conversation with Dr. Yolande Seddon comes from Bruce Cochrane at In a related presentation, Dr. Ken Prusa's Iowa Pork Congress talks about how feed items like DDGs effect meat quality.

SwineCast 0630, What Are You Doing About Fatigued Pig Syndrome?

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Dr. Spencer Wayne - Movements Impact PRRSv Outbreaks, Cause and Effect

Movements Impact PRRSv Outbreaks, Cause and Effect - Spencer Wayne - Pipestone Veterinary Clinic, from the 2010 International PRRS Symposium, December 3 - 4, 2010, Chicago, IL, USA.

SwineCast 0592, Preharvest Loading And Transport Can Impact Product Quality

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SwineCast 0420, Transportation Conference - Food Safety and Quality Conversations

SwineCast 0420 Show Notes:

  • The Swine Handling and Transport Forum immediately preceeds World Pork Expo in Des Moines.  A good reason to come a day early!
  • Breaking the ice on the converation you need to have with those around you.  "I'm a pork producer and proud of it.  And this is why that's important to you."  Conversation with past NPPC pres Jill Appell

SwineCast 0419, Transportation Biosecurity - World Pork Expo Program

SwineCast 0419 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0353 for November 4 2008

SwineCast 0353 Show Notes:

  • Conversations from the International Distillers Dried Grains Conference
  • Markets and values of DDGs with Informa Economics Scott Richman
  • Brian Arnold of the DeLong Company discusses transportation and long-term infrastructure issues in shipping and hauling

SwineCast 0333 for August 26 2008

SwineCast 0333 Show Notes:

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