Thomas Titus - Opportunities for Swine Genetic Improvement

Opportunities for Swine Genetic Improvement - Thomas Titus, TriPork, Inc., from the 2018 World Pork Expo, June 6 - 8, 2018, Des Moines, IA, USA.

SwineCast 1024, WPX - NPB Steve Rommereim provides insight on the coming year

SwineCast 1024 Show Notes:

SwineCast 1023, Dr. Mark Cigan on CRISPR in the development of pig traits and dealing with specific swine diseases

SwineCast 1023 Show Notes:
  • Dr. Mark Cigan, Trait Development Director Genus plc, talks about how CRISPR can be used in the development of pig traits and the future of CRISPR in dealing with specific swine diseases.

SwineCast 1018, WPX - NPPC Update From Jim Heimerl on NPPC actions for remainder of 2018

SwineCast 1018 Show Notes:
  • Jim Heimerl, National Pork Producers Council Board president, provides opening remarks on the start of the World Pork Expo and what the NPPC will be working on through the reminder of the year: trade & tariffs, swine slaughter inspection rule, FMD vaccine bank, and trucker hours of service rule.

Protect Your Roots

From the 2018 Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholders SummitFrom the 2018 Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholders Summit The 2018 Stakeholders Summit - themed "Protect Your Roots" - inspired attendees representing all facets of animal agriculture to be proud of their past and current roles in the industry, and challenged them to be forward-thinking about how we can continue to grow into the future. Even if communication is not part of their job description, Summit attendees left with new perspectives on key issues and ready to engage with influencers to secure the future of animal agriculture [play list].

Dr. Aaron Lower - Post Cervical Artificial Insemination (PCAI) 2.0

Post Cervical Artificial Insemination (PCAI) 2.0 - Dr. Aaron Lower, Carthage Vet Service, from the 2017 Midwest Pork Conference, December 5, 2017, Danville, Indiana, USA.

Aptimmune Manufacturing & Development Update

Manufacturing & Development UpdateManufacturing & Development Update Steve Berger, Development Director, Aptimmune, provides an update on the manufacturing and development of Barricade [video].

Population Management Using Genomics (ROH)

Population Management Using Genomics (ROH)Population Management Using Genomics (ROH) Dr. Jeremy Howard, University of Nebraska, presents research and approaches to better understand your herds through genomics. Genomic information can help identify regions that give rise to reduced performance and low genetic diversity [video].

The Midwest: Moving Toward North Carolina Winters and Arkansas Summers

Climate Change, Big Rains, And Impact On Lake ErieClimate Change, Big Rains, And Impact On Lake Erie Dr. Aaron Wilson, Ohio State University, shares that climate and weather are related but different. Dr. Wilson details the differences and their impact on growing crops. Dr. Wilson highlights data that shows how the growing zones are shifting and the impacts to agriculture. Dr. Wilson shares predictions that states like Ohio, through 2095, will move to having winters like North Carolina today and summers like Arkansas today [video].

2018 Aptimmune Pre-AASV Scientific Symposium

2018 Aptimmune Pre-AASV Symposium2018 Aptimmune Pre-AASV Scientific Symposium From the 2018 Aptimmune Pre-AASV Scientific Symposium, presentations on Mucosal Immunity and the BARRICADE℠ product. Held March 2, 2018, San Diego, CA, USA.
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