Dr. Barbara Brito - Bioportal

Bioportal - Dr. Barbara Brito, Plum Island Animal Disease Center, University of California, Davis, from the 2011 World Pork Expo, June 8-10, Des Moines, Iowa, USA.

NAIS is Out, Animal Disease Traceability is in – Translate, Please!

Animal ID, What Next? It’s no secret that the USDA’s National Animal ID System (NAIS) has encountered its fair share of critisism during its first six years on the drawing board. In fact, following hearing sessions hosted by the USDA last year, industry buffs called the program unworkable and unnecessary.

SwineCast 0403, NIAA - Meal Planning In The Aisles w/ ShoptoCook, Inc

SwineCast 0403 Show Notes:

  • Frank Beurskens, CEO of Shop To Cook discusses new technology to help consumers makes those decisions best for their families as they walk the grocery store aisles.  How and why consumers buy...

The End of Obesity is Just Around the Corner

If you imagine in your mind, the irrigated agriculture of California you probably can see a large valve sticking out of the ground with a wheel on top situated in the middle of a massive field with deep furrows.  As the valve is turned, water gushes out into the furrows, flooding them to provide water for the crops.  Alternatively, you might see large water guns irrigating the fields with booming sprays similar to a lawn sprinkler on steriods.  The way of the future will require a much more efficient approach if water use to produce crops in California is to be sustained.  Intensive approaches to irrigation have been developed for use in very dry climates where evaporation is heavy and represents a large waste of what little available water is there.  In these methods, drip irrigation delivers water right to the root zone in buried or partially buried plastic pipes with small holes to meter out the water.  This almost eliminates evaporation waste and the delivery of water to

SwineCast 0285 for March 11 2008

SwineCast 0285 Show Notes:

  • Smithfield closes Kingston plant
  • Manitoba Moratorium... Bruce Cochrane talks with Terry Sargent, chair of the Manitoba Clean Environment Commission
  • ARS developing method of harvesting phosphorus from manures
  • Salt water as a disinfectant... if Electric Aquagenics Unlimited can get the cost down
  • Excel Technologies overviews next generation control units

SwineCast 0265 for January 2 2008

SwineCast 0265 Show Notes:

  • Time to look at updating your production system software?
  • Ten years of group housing experience with Chris Cockle in Ontario
  • Nursery disease review with Dr. John Harding... what to watch for and what to do when you see 'em
  • Homeland Security regulations may now apply to you.  January 21st deadline for documentation. 

    SwineCast 0214 for July 3 2007

    SwineCast 0214 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0186 for March 23 2007

SwineCast 0186 Show Notes:
  • European ammonia conference calls DDGs "not environmentally friendly".
  • Update on DDGs inclusion considerations with Dr. Gerald Shurson. Link to UMN DDGs website.
  • Canadian Pork Producers concerned with government's trade protection policies in other areas.
  • New internet technology can turn copper wire broadband into super highway.
  • View of global genetic development with Dr.

SwineCast 0172b February 2, 2007

SwineCast 0172b Show Notes:
  • Author of "The World Is Flat" updates his writings in a discussion at MIT on this special episode of SwineCast. How technology has changed the social and economic situation world-wide.
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