SwineCast Update for May 31, 2012, Country of Original Labeling (COOL) Update

We've featured several episodes recently on the importance of putting our best foot forward before the consumer [episodes]. That's not just dressing up in our Sunday best. It's taking the working side of swine production and sharing what we do and why, then listening to the questions and concerns of our customer.

Think for a minute of how much time you spend in waste management and manure handling compared to... say, 20 years ago. Now, take the amount of time you spend talking to neighbors, consumers and other interested parties and extrapolate that out 20 years. Maybe it's time to review/revise that 5 year plan [resources].

What do you think sustainability means? Arlin Wasserman shares what it means to him and many consumers in this episode from the Animal Ag Alliance Stakeholder's Summit. Insightful comments about your customers to give you food for thought on your way to World Pork Expo. BTW, SwineCast will be capturing valuable info from the seminars and events so if you can't make one, check SwineCast.com in a couple of weeks and prime your management training toolbox for the coming months.

SwineCast® Conversations

  1. Audio: Is It COOL? - Here is an update on the Mandatory Country of Origin Labeling law given last findings by the World Trade Organization Appelate Court. Dr. Steve Meyers, Paragon Economics, highlights where we stand and what's next [audio].
  2. Audio: Yes! You Can Impact Consumer Perceptions! - Arlin Wasserman, former Sodexo Vice-President (ever heard of Meatless Monday?), currently partner at Changing Tastes, shares insight on capturing the sustainability lead with attendees at the 2012 Animal Ag Alliance Stakeholders Summit [audio].
  3. Video: Deconstructing Agriculture and Media - Agriculture has been in the main stream media several times this year. Janie Gabbett, Meatingplace Executive Editor, provides a perspective on where people get their news, how stories about agriculture spread, and what farmers and ranchers need to be aware of [video].
  4. FYI: Agvocacy 2.0 Conference - The deadline for the Agvocacy 2.0 agriculture social media training conference application is June 4th, 11:59pm ET. This two-day event in Kansas City, MO, includes sessions on the "Human Side of Social", "Beyond the Choir…Mom, Consumer, Registered Dietician, Chef Perspective", and "Why Farmers Need To Be On Pinterest" [session list].
  5. Video: Update on Regional PRRS Elimination Efforts - Who is involved in PRRS detection and elimination? Dr. Bob Morrison, Professor, University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine, provides a series of update on regional PRRS elimination efforts [video].

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