SwineCast Update for May 17, 2012, Do Your Have Multiple Pathogens In Your Flow?

The World Pork Expo is clearly in our sights as North American Pork Production converges on the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines June 6-8. As you mull over your visitation plans, don't forget to check out the business seminars series and the Pork Academy seminars. Of note will be the sessions Doing what’s right vs. looking for the camera and Feeding for 30.

SwineCast will be using a couple of new tools in our kit to keep you up to date on the conversations so keep an eye on SwineCast.com and follow us on Twitter at @SwineCast

On SwineCast today is the latest At The Meeting episode with the Morrison group. Dr. Bob Morrison joins his fellow industry leaders to review the Denver meeting of the American Association of Swine Veterinarians [audio]. You might also want to look through our online catalog of At The Meeting programs to see what else is of interest as these researchers and practicing vets discuss herd health, production research and more. FYI, More presentations are now online from the National Institute of Animal Agriculture. If you couldn't make the meeting at least look through our library of top presentations for your management team.

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SwineCast® Conversations

  1. Audio: What Happened At Denver AASV? - At The Meeting with The Morrison Group returns with their review of comments, conversations and presentations at the 2012 Denver American Association of Swine Veterinarians meeting [audio].
  2. Audio: Consumer Feedback Accelerates Through Social Media - Greg Ferrara, National Grocers Association VP of Public Affairs, offers his insight in the case of consumer concerns and food safety issues. "We can't wait a day or two.  We've got to respond in minutes!" : For both producers and retailers, loss of trust in food safety equates to loss of customers at the counter [audio].
  3. Video: What Does It Cost To Have Multiple Pathogens In Your Flow? - Creating a disease database can help sites better understand disease impact. It also can help production staff react quicker. Dr. Tom Painter, Cargill Pork, provides an update on such a disease collection project, focusing on SIV, PRRS, and Mycoplasma Hyopneumoniae, and how they used the database [video].
  4. Video: Swine Health Program Update - What are some of the swine health programs run under the USDA and how are they doing? Dr. Troy Bigelow provides an update on the programs, where additional surveillance is needed, and what the future looks like. Take away: surveillance activities will continue to evolve and become more comprehensive [video].

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