SwineCast update for January 7, 2010, Antibiotics legislation potential and upcoming swine conferences

Two major state swine conferences coming up in the next couple of weeks and SwineCast is joining a premier list of program sponsors to bring you the presentations, conversations, and analysis. These important educational opportunities will be posted at SwineCast.com in the days following the Minnesota Pork Congress and the Iowa Pork Congress.

Be looking for us at these meetings and throughout the year as we continue to bring you conversations, photos and presentations from the gathering places for the U.S. Swine industry.

Some serious concern related to feed molds and mycotoxins are featured in recent SwineCast programs. As we talked with grain producers, it was apparent the late, wet season would impact grain quality. Now we’re hearing of testing methods and tracking grain shipments to check where it originated, some states experiencing more of an issue than others.

Drop us an email to let us know what issues you see of paramount importance to the future of your operation and the swine industry. With the world economy showing significant signs of strength, we can only hope profitability for livestock producers will return soon.

SwineCast® Conversations

Iowa Pork Congress

MP3 fileTyler Bettin, Iowa Pork Producer's Producer Education Director, shares the program on tap at the Iowa Pork Congress in Des Moines, January 27-28.

Antibiotic Legislation

MP3 fileDebate on use of antibiotics in animal production will get hot and heavy in 2010.

Nutrition Program Changes

MP3 fileThis year's mold issues and resulting mycotoxin load may impact feed management and cropping practices.

Agchat: Agriculture discussions on Social Media channels

Twitter discussionsClimate Change discussion.

Twitter discussionsAg and farm related issues discussion.

SwineCast® Conference Connection

Swine Forecast 2010

Video fileVideo: Presenting international pork and poultry outlook Thomas Elam, Ph.D., FarmEcon LLC

Video fileVideo: Risk profile of pork production Lee Fuchs, FCS Finanacial.

More presentations at SwineCast.com.

2009 International PRRS Symposium

Video fileVideo: Building and Executing Herd Plans within Area-Regional Control Projects Dr. Montse Torremorell, University of Minnesota.

Video fileVideo: Supporting Area-Regional Control Project Working Group Collaboration Dr. Bob Rowland, Kansas State University.

Coming up.

Minnesota Pork Congress Jan. 20-21, 2010, Minneapolis, MN. Learn about TQA Certification, Twitter Techniques for Ag Tweeps & Tweets, Pork and Red Meat Trade Issues, and much more.

Iowa Pork Congress Jan. 27-28, 2010, Des Moines, IA. Who should attend? Producers, contractors, feeders, students, consultants... Anyone interested in the swine industry.

What are the front-burner issues you want to know more about? Tell us at feedback@swinecast.com.
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