SwineCast 0431, AFIA - New Feed Regulatory Short Course Coming In September

SwineCast 0431 Show Notes:

Confused by the myriad of regulations regarding the feed industry? The American Feed Association's Jarrod Kersey, Director of Ingredients and State Affairs, will conduct a two-day short course in September that compensates for the absence of a professional program.

This all-encompassing overview will address feed and pet food ingredients issues at state, national, and international levels with speakers from the pertinent agencies. Both compliance and non-compliance concerns will be addressed by the actual regulators, as well as how you can work with each agency.

A few of the topics are legal vs. regulatory perspectives, interstate commerce, working with Association of American Feed Control Officials and U.S. Food and Drug Administration, food vs. feed ingredients, international shipping, feed labeling, future feed regulation and legislation, and a discussion of relevant case studies.