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Soil Health InitiativeSoil Health Determines Future Food Health Doug Peterson, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), helps pork producers understand soil health and how it impacts crop production. Mr. Peterson shares what healthy soil can be and points out some of the issues that are in the crop ecosystem today. Mr. Peterson offers that the health of the soil is an indicator of the health of the food system and recommends resources for crop producers to learn more.

Doug Peterson - Soil Health Initiative

Soil Health Initiative - Doug Peterson, Natural Resources Conservation Service, from the 2015 Missouri Pork Expo , February 10 - 11, 2015, Columbia, MO, USA.

SwineCast 0220 for July 24 2007

SwineCast 0220 Show Notes:

  • In that next interview... dive deep!
  • Dennis DiPietre looks at China pork landscape
  • Jim Long says a good year for producers... if a bit anxious
  • Soil quality and manure management
  • Sweden's experience with manure digesters
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