Setting Pay Levels

Have You Reviewed Your Employee Compensation?

Compensation in Pork Production - PORK AcademyCompensation in Pork Production - PORK Academy Karen Hoare, National Pork Board, shares recent research on pork farm labor compensation. In summary, pork production compensation is competitive. Ms. Hoare details how the data was collected and aggregated with the help of AgCareers. The presentation also outlines the key findings on wages, staff scheduling, benefits, and visas. [video].

Setting and Adjusting Pay Levels


Determining pay raises at the end of the year, or at an employee’s anniversary date, seems to require an increased intake of antacid for many managers and owners.  A variety of factors should be considered, and some of those factors are not fully appreciated by the employees.  In fact, many employees seem to think that if they haven’t been fired, they automatically deserve a raise….


Here are some factors that could be considered when setting or adjusting pay levels:

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