Rising Pig Prices

SwineCast 0301 for May 9 2008

SwineCast 0301 Show Notes:

  • Economist Steve Meyers discusses Pork Management presentation and the next year's industry outlook
  • SwineCast blogger Mark Greenwood steps up to look at management steps to make sure you and your lender continue the big dance
  • Food inflation will be hitting the U.S. consumer in a big way... and they'll think you're responsible. Get traction on answering the questions you'll be asked.

With Hu You Get Egg Roll (But the One Made from Pork is Getting More Expensive)

You’ve no doubt heard the ethanol policy slogan, “Food or Fuel” to describe the tradeoff between using traditional feedstuffs for energy production vs. feed for livestock and the hundreds of other food products made from corn. In China, we now have the first major world economy deciding that containing food prices is more important than creating fuel from corn. The restriction recently put in place prohibits additional expansion of ethanol production from corn but allows it from grasses, corn stalks and other agricultural products which would not affect the price of food. Existing plants using corn are currently grandfathered in.

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