SwineCast 1120, July Update From The Swine Disease Reporting System

SwineCast 1120 Show Notes:
  • This is the July update from the Swine Disease Reporting System. Experts from Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories of Iowa State University, University of Minnesota, Kansas State, and South Dakota State University, provide a regular update on swine diseases and seasonal issues of importance for producers.
  • In this Swine Disease Reporting System update, Dr. Daniel Linhares and Dr. Giovani Trevisan provide some behind the scenes look at how the system works, who its for, and what analysis takes place to produce the monthly reports.
  • This SwineCast episode shares the most recent report for July 2020, that can also be found at

SwineCast 0959, Pork Forum - NPPC President Weber Shares President's Report With Delegates... And You!

SwineCast 0959 Show Notes:

Scaling to Meet the Chinese Pork Demand

Feeding China’s Pigs Feeding China’s Pigs This report from the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy highlights the scaling of pork production requirements to meet the needs of the Chinese consumer. Meat consumption has quadrupled in China since 1980 to its current level (2011) of 54 kg (119 pounds) per person per year. That increase in demand results in building a pork production infrastructure, requiring more of all inputs, including feed grains, nutrients, and animal health products [PDF].

Some China Pork Background Info

 Recent Trends and Implications for World Meat and Grains Trade What Is China's Influence on Pork? Here is a link to info on China’s influence on the pork industry and the affects on world meat and grains trade. The information comes via Informa Economics.

SwineCast 0533, Price Reporting Analysis Issued By Kansas State Economist

mp3SwineCast 0533 Show Notes:
  • Kansas State economist Ted Schroeder discusses a recent research release of the nation's wholesale voluntary pork price reporting system and whether improvements could be made.

SwineCast 0251 for November 9 2007

SwineCast 0251 Show Notes:

  • Friday's Supply/Demand report breakout
  • Chinese food safety cooperation talks
  • Melamine recap with Dr. Steve Ensley with the Iowa State Diagnostic Lab
  • PRRSv assessment program

SwineCast 0214 for July 3 2007

SwineCast 0214 Show Notes:
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