SwineCast 1157, 2021 World Pork Expo: Dr. Jayson Lusk Highlights Trends And Opportunities

SwineCast 1157 Show Notes:
  • From the 2021 World Pork Expo Strategic Investment Program (SIP), Dr. Jayson Lusk (Purdue University) shares some macro trends and highlights some potential opportunities.

SwineCast 1156, 2021 World Pork Expo: NPPC Public Policy Priorities

SwineCast 1156 Show Notes:
  • From the 2021 World Pork Expo, the NPPC officers and senior staff address the industry’s public policy priorities. The panel includes Jen Sorenson (NPPC President), Terry Wolters (NPPC President-Elect), Scott Hays (NPPC Vice President), Neil Dierks (NPPC CEO), Nick Giordano (NPPC VP and Counsel, Global Government Affairs), and Dr. Liz Wagstrom (NPPC Chief Veterinarian).
  • Some of the group addressed African Swine Fever issues, the pork line speed rule, and California's Farm Animal Confinement Initiative (also known as Prop 12).

SwineCast 0835, Regulations Choking Industry Growth Requires Business Teamwork

SwineCast 0835 Show Notes:
  • Manitoba Pork is reaching out to other businesses for support in the face of uncertain regulation and plummeting provincial pork production.  Bruce Cochrane talks with Karl Kynoch about the regulatory climate's impact and steps toward resolution.

SwineCast 0602, Washington's Policies And The Agricultural Economy

Download mp3SwineCast 0602 Show Notes:
  • American Farm Bureau Federation Chief Economist, Bob Young, discusses the impact of recent actions in Washington on the agricultural economy and the future of the industry.

SwineCast 0598, Informa Releases True Cost Of Proposed GIPSA Regs

Download mp3SwineCast 0598 Show Notes:
  • Key livestock organizations joined forces to underwrite a deep analysis of proposed rule changes in GIPSA.   Dr. Rob Murphy, Sr. Vice President of Informa Economics shared their findings during the recent National Association of Farm Broadcasters meeting in Kansas City.  I also spoke with economist Steve Meyers for his perspective.
  • GIPSA summary from Informa Economics
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SwineCast 0590, What's The Economic Impact Of Proposed GIPSA Regulations?

mp3SwineCast 0590 Show Notes:
  • House lawmakers in a letter sent to U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack asked that an economic analysis of the agency’s proposed rule on buying and selling livestock and poultry be completed before the regulation becomes final.   NPPC Board Member Mark Legan offers insight into the issue and what producers can do to be heard.
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