SwineCast 0889, Washington Needs Watching...

SwineCast 0889 Show Notes:
  • Dan Kovich, NPPC assistant director of Science and Technology shares outcomes of recent work on the new dietary guidelines (a serious over-reach avoided) and children's nutrition programs (important to maintain) and issues which may not be on the top of a producers agenda.

Answering Questions About and For Swine Veterinarians

Answering Questions About and For Swine VeterinariansFocusing On People In this panel presentation, Drs. Baysinger, Connor, Kristensen, and Lowe, address audience questions about leadership, education, regulation, and the future of swine production.

Dr. Peter Kristensen - Europe and North America - Are we really that different?

Europe and North America – Are we really that different? A comparison of regulatory and legal environments. - Dr. Peter Kristensen, Director PIC Europe at Genus, from the 2015 Pre-AASV Boehringer Ingelheim Swine Health Seminar, February 27, 2015, Orlando, FL, USA.

Animal Diseases: State Veterinarian Perspective

State Veterinarian Perspective/Regulations on Swine Enteric Coronavirus Disease (SECD)Understanding Swine Enteric Coronavirus Disease Dr. David Schmitt, Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, shares a state veterinarian perspective on Swine Enteric Coronavirus Disease (SECD). Dr. Schmitt also provides an update on SECD in Iowa and what steps are being done to monitor and reduce risks of getting SECD on farms. Dr. Schmitt offers additional steps farms need to take for transportation washing and sample testing.

Dr. Ted Funk - Solid Solutions For Your Pit

Solid Solutions For Your Pit - Dr. Ted Funk, Ted Funk Consulting, from the 2014 Missouri Pork Expo , February 11 - 12, 2014, Columbia, MO, USA.

Jim Wiesemeyer - Washington Update: Will Dysfunctional Washington Ever Function

Washington Update: Will Dysfunctional Washington Ever Function - Jim Wiesemeyer, Informa Economics, from the 2014 Iowa Pork Congress, January 22-23, Des Moines, IA, USA.

Do You Support Ag-Gag Laws?

Ag-Gag LawsAg-Gag: Good or Bad? Many states are aiming to put in place "ag-gag" laws to stop undercover filming on farms and ranches. What is an "Ag Gag" law and how does it impact farmers, ranchers, and the public? This AgChat conversation looks at the issues. Are you in a state with Ag-Gag laws?

Food Supply Chains Secure?

Secure Pork Supply Plan How Secure Is Our Food Supply Chain? If Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) were to appear in the US, what would farmers, ranchers, and business do? This presentation reviews the Secure Pork Supply Plan, who is involved, what needs to be done, and how producers need to develop their biosecurity plans [video]? Related: Secure Milk Supply Project Update - An update on the status of the Secure Milk Supply Project supplemental to ongoing Foot and Mouth Disease prevention and response planning with Dr. Pam Hullinger, currently with UC-Davis Department of Veterinary Medicine and Epidemiology [audio].

What is the "We Care" Approach?

Dissecting D.C.: Pork Policy UpdatePork Policy Update Government policies created by the federal legislature and agencies in Washington D.C. can have major impacts on the day-to-day life of pork producers. Dallas Hockman shares an update on the current issues of interest to the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) including the farm bill, sow housing, antibiotics, trade, the environment and more. This presentation gets you up to speed on the issues and offers opportunities for you to become more active in the political process with assistance from NPPC.

What About Iowa Regulations & Nuisance Cases?

Eldon McAfee - Iowa Regulations & Nuisance Case UpdateIowa's Landscape on Regulation Back by popular demand, Eldon McAfee discusses practical aspects of compliance with Iowa DNR regulations and environmental compliance and protection. He also reviews current state and federal regulatory actions, including EPA's report on allegations by environmental groups to withdraw DNR's CAFO NPDES permit authority and DNR's response to that report. And finally, he shares an update on the EPA air quality regulation of animal feeding operation and current livestock nuisance cases.
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