Quality Management System

Common Swine Industry Audit

Common Swine Industry AuditAudits Are Part Of Quality Sherrie Webb, National Pork Board, outlines the Common Swine Industry Audit and the task force behind the initiative. Ms. Webb also outlines the how the audits plays into Pork Quality Assurance Plus (PQA Plus) and what farm operations should be doing. Two take aways of note: 1) Quality assurance processes are a must, and 2) Pork management and staff must engage with customers and consumers to gain understanding of perspectives and meet current marketplace expectations.

SwineCast 0395, NAIS - NPPC Stumps For Mandatory System - NAIS QMS at IPIC

SwineCast 0395 Show Notes:

  • National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) to Capitol Hill to ask legislators consider making NAIS mandatory. 
  • Iowa Pork Industry Center's (IPIC) Quality Management System (QMS) Director hooks up to discuss the big picture on pig ID.  More information in Premises ID QMS document (PDF format).
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