Is There a Consumer / Producer Communications Gap?

food consumer producer communications
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Dr. Marty Strauss understands the issues consumers have in understanding food/food information. He also understand agricultures desires to help. Dr. Strauss offered how to better bridge the producer/consumer communications gap.

SwineCast 0376, The future of protein demand worldwide

SwineCast 0376 Show Notes:

  • Novus International's Dr. Giovanni Gasperoni looks at meeting current nutritional needs, expanding demand for probiotics, and the future protein demand worldwide

SwineCast 0247 for October 26 2007

SwineCast 0247 Show Notes:

  • NPPC doesn't like Senate Farm Bill plan
  • Jim Pettigrew looks at non-medicinal health products for hogs
  • Leman review with UMN's John Deen
  • Unexplained health and gain issues could be result of stray voltage - Agrivolt website
  • Solid manure management system under development

SwineCast 0216 for July 10 2007

SwineCast 0216 Show Notes:

  • Jim Pettigrew at the American Society of Animal Scientists
  • Great probiotic primer with Dr. Margie Lee from the Univ of GA.¬† You may want to share this one.
  • PRRS vaccine review
  • Managing manure with environmental considerations¬†
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