Pet Wheelchair Industry Help Farm Animals Have Better Lives

Farm animals get help from a set of pet wheelchairs when injured. While not all animals like pet wheelchairs (cats top the list), many adjust easily.


Advances in Wheelchairs for Hobbled Pets Help Bring Home Bacon, a Pot-Bellied Pig.

Dogs and sheep and chickens are going around on wheels; cats not so much. Since people consider pets part of the family, they are ever more willing to spend money making life more pleasant for those laid up with injuries and illnesses.


The pet-wheelchair industry is one manufacturing niche the U.S. still dominates. It is populated by a handful of fiercely competitive small companies, two of them run—not so amicably—by a man and woman who used to be married to each other.


Animals seldom refuse to use wheelchairs, but it does happen. Ms. Parkes notes that obese animals sometimes have trouble. "Sometimes a cat wants nothing to do with it," she adds. "Because it's a cat."