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SwineCast 0736, Simplified Nursery Diet Shows Promise But May Affect Disease Response

SwineCast 0736 Show Notes:
  • Dr. Kees de Lange, a swine nutritionist at the University of Guelph says research into early pig physiology and less complex diets show promise in lowering feed costs.  He cautions the research is ongoing and that disease challenged herd results were significantly different.  He talks with Bruce Cochrane at

SwineCast 0687, Lowering Overnight Nursery Temperatures Yields Significant Energy Savings

Download mp3SwineCast 0687 Show Notes:
  • At the 2012 Minnesota Pork Congress, Dr. Lee Johnston, professor of Swine Nutrition and Management at the West Central Research and Outreach Center of the University of MN presented research on dropping nighttime temperatures in the nursery and lowering fuel costs some 20%.  However, how you lower the thermostat and the health of the pigs are significant considerations.  Dr. Johnston's full presentation and others will be online soon at

SwineCast 0580, What Are Options For Post Wean Scours?

mp3SwineCast 0580 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0265 for January 2 2008

SwineCast 0265 Show Notes:

  • Time to look at updating your production system software?
  • Ten years of group housing experience with Chris Cockle in Ontario
  • Nursery disease review with Dr. John Harding... what to watch for and what to do when you see 'em
  • Homeland Security regulations may now apply to you.  January 21st deadline for documentation. 

    SwineCast 0235 for September 14 2007

    SwineCast 0235 Show Notes:

    • Looking at lameness at Leman
    • Saving pigs with Paul Jeske
    • Immigration hiccup stops the letters for now
    • Traceability has to pay... someone
    • The New Guy

SwineCast 0212 for June 26 2007

SwineCast 0212 Show Notes:

  • Two Heads Are Better Than One! from
  • Improving nursery performance with Jason Keller of Suidae
  • Animal Welfare considerations with John Deen
  • AllTech Canada looks at redefining mineral supplementation for modern sows
  • Ken Stalder on managing for maximum sow productivity
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