SwineCast update for Decemeber 18, 2009, Finding The Right PRRS Plan For Your Operation

We’re pumped to share presentations from the recent Swine Forecast 2010 virtual conference this week in your email update. This program brings together speakers and groups of swine producers around the U.S. and Canada to share concerns and questions in a timely and forthright fashion. You’ll get the skinny from bankers on access to capital, market updates from Dr. Steve Meyer and a look behind the curtain in the packer/retail area of the industry.

SwineCast update for December 3, 2009, Climate Change Legislation Issues and Mycoplasma Research update

There has been much discussion focused on PRRS eradication at recent swine health meetings. Ideally, the goal should be to eliminate this fierce killer of unborn pigs from the U.S. entirely. This week, two programs will be looking at what it might take to accomplish this goal.

I’ll be in Chicago for the Boehringer Ingelheim PRRS Symposium which precedes the International PRRS Symposium as part of the Conference of Research Workers in Animal Diseases. These high-level, international gatherings bring the best and brightest to bear on the PRRS issue. We’ll have interviews and presentations available for you on the discussion next week.

Also, the presentations from Swine Forecast 2010 go online at this coming Dec 9. Great overviews of several segments affecting swine production. If you missed the live webinar, you don’t want to miss this replay.

Swine Industry Update for April 2009

Mark Greenwood
April 2009

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