How is Iowa's Pork Industry?

Iowa's pork industry is at a crossroads.  Additional themes include new pricing levels of feed grains, regulatory revision and the impact of legislative and marketing changes.  Will producers respond to today's pricing prompts with expansion (remember those empty barns down the road)?  Or elect to go niche with local and immediate customer transactions for maximum profitability? These presentations from the 2011 Iowa Pork Congress helps provide perspectives and insights.

SwineCast update for June 10, 2010, World Pork Expo In Full Swing

World Pork Expo is in full swing and SwineCast is taking an active role in the conversations. We are talking with producers, companies and key stakeholders over the next couple of days and sharing those conversations with you on

I am excited at some major efforts coming together to focus on PRRS Area Control. Boehringer-Ingelheim is taking a lead role on this critical disease issue by bringing together efforts from across the U.S. and building a backbone of information and collaborative efforts. You’ll be hearing more from this PRRS Area Control initiative in the coming days on SwineCast.

I also want to draw your attention to some interesting episodes that the SwineCast community is showing interest in: "Man Made Climate Change: Hoax or Myth" (links below). It is always good to hear from you that we’re helping in some small way.

SwineCast update for May 13, 2010, How Can Enzootic Pneumonia Effect Your Operations?

Given the twin hammers of H1N1 and world economic upheaval, the U.S. pork industry is doing all it can to grow demand through exports and maintain the black ink of the past few months. ...Agriculture Telling its Story On The Farm: Tennessee Floods and Effects on TN Agriculture Melissa Burniston ( @mburniston ) of the Tennessee Farm Bureau shares information about the flood impacts to agriculture in Tennessee.

SwineCast Update for April 15, 2010, What Is The Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act?

SwineCast has recently increased its industry stake with sponsorships of significant meetings through our parent, Truffle Media Networks. The event sponsorships resulted in exclusive SwineCast coverage of the recent National Institute for Animal Agriculture Annual Meeting: “One Health: Implications For Animal Agriculture.”

SwineCast Update For March 4, 2010, Truth Of Animal Antibiotic Use?

In Kansas City for the Pork Industry Forum (PIF), the annual joint meeting of the National Pork Producers Council and the National Pork Board. From this meeting you’ll be hearing presentations and interviews at

The pork industry has seen a rebound in prices of late (thankfully) and a re-focusing of strengths to challenge immediate threats. A recent program features Elite Pork’s Dr. Craig Rowles as one voice asking legislators to protect our access to the tools which ensure our animal’s well-being and productivity.

Adding your voice to those already being heard in Washington is a priority in 2010. Do not delay.

SwineCast update for February 18, 2010, Answering Your Neighbors And Legislators Following CBS' Antibiotic Ag Use Story

Winter has for many years meant Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) breaks. This year at several midwestern conferences there are efforts to use the reduction in swine numbers as a base to work a PRRS eradication effort into place. Empty houses simplify depop-repop programs.

SwineCast update for January 7, 2010, Antibiotics legislation potential and upcoming swine conferences

Two major state swine conferences coming up in the next couple of weeks and SwineCast is joining a premier list of program sponsors to bring you the presentations, conversations, and analysis. These important educational opportunities will be posted at in the days following the Minnesota Pork Congress and the Iowa Pork Congress.

Be looking for us at these meetings and throughout the year as we continue to bring you conversations, photos and presentations from the gathering places for the U.S. Swine industry.
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