SwineCast Update for May 31, 2012, Country of Original Labeling (COOL) Update

We've featured several episodes recently on the importance of putting our best foot forward before the consumer [episodes]. That's not just dressing up in our Sunday best. It's taking the working side of swine production and sharing what we do and why, then listening to the questions and concerns of our customer.

Think for a minute of how much time you spend in waste management and manure handling compared to... say, 20 years ago. Now, take the amount of time you spend talking to neighbors, consumers and other interested parties and extrapolate that out 20 years. Maybe it's time to review/revise that 5 year plan [resources].

What do you think sustainability means? Arlin Wasserman shares what it means to him and many consumers in this episode from the Animal Ag Alliance Stakeholder's Summit. Insightful comments about your customers to give you food for thought on your way to World Pork Expo. BTW, SwineCast will be capturing valuable info from the seminars and events so if you can't make one, check in a couple of weeks and prime your management training toolbox for the coming months.

SwineCast Update for May 17, 2012, Do Your Have Multiple Pathogens In Your Flow?

The World Pork Expo is clearly in our sights as North American Pork Production converges on the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines June 6-8. As you mull over your visitation plans, don't forget to check out the business seminars series and the Pork Academy seminars. Of note will be the sessions Doing what’s right vs. looking for the camera and Feeding for 30.

SwineCast will be using a couple of new tools in our kit to keep you up to date on the conversations so keep an eye on and follow us on Twitter at @SwineCast


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Can Communicating with Consumers Help In Agriculture?

NIAA Animal Health Emergency Management Council

Foot-and-mouth disease, not to be confused with hand, foot and mouth disease, is a virus that affects cloven-hoofed animals, including cattle, sheep, and pigs. Foot-and-mouth disease is a serious animal disease but it does not affect food safety.

Unfortunately, many consumers are not aware of the disease until there is an outbreak. When surveyed, 69% of consumers say people can get FMD from infected meat, and many confuse FMD with bovine spongiform encephalopathy or BSE. FMD cannot be spread to humans through meat consumption and FMD is not related to BSE.

To help better prepare the animal agriculture industry before outbreaks occur, Dairy Management Inc., The Pork Checkoff, and the National Cattlemen's Beef Association are working together to provide producers with the tools to help inform and educate consumers that FMD is not a threat to people and does not affect the safety of meat or milk. This presentation by Cindy Cunningham, Assistant VP of Communications, National Pork Board, shares the current state of the Cross Species FMD Communications Team. From 2011 Annual Conference of the National Institute for Animal Agriculture, April 11 - 14, San Antonio, TX USA.

Don't Play Craps With Mortality


Dr. Sarah Probst-Miller offers direction on avoiding diarrhea for your operations. From the 2010 Midwest Pork Conference, September 15, 2010, Danville, IN, USA.

What does 1% mortality cost you on a per pig basis? Between $0.35 to $0.50 per pig.

Perspective on the Hog Forecast 2010

hog outlook How are inputs costs going to change and what are some options to keep feed costs affordable for your operations? From the 2010 Midwest Pork Conference, September 15, 2010, Danville, IN, USA.
What will Drive the corn, soybean, and wheat markets???

How Can You Improve Professionalism In Barn Culture?

core values

Don Tyler offers some tactics and strategy paths to help improve the barn / work culture so that your operations become productive, profitable, and positive. From the 2010 Midwest Pork Conference, September 15, 2010, Danville, IN, USA.

Do you think that today's employees are naturally drawn to, or instinctively interested in, the Core Values that are essential in your business?

What Are the Antibiotic Issues In The Legislature?

ag challenges

What are the public policy issues in Washington DC and how will that affect swine operation and the industry? From the 2010 Midwest Pork Conference, September 15, 2010, Danville, IN, USA.

There are a lot of challenges today for food and agriculture.
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