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Jarrod Sutton - Messages that Resonate With Consumers

Messages that Resonate With Consumers - Jarrod Sutton, National Pork Board Assistant Vice President, Foodservice, Retail and Channel Marketing, from the 2013 Minnesota Pork Congress, January 16-17, Minneapolis, MN, USA.

SwineCast 0703, What Transportation Stressors Can Be Minimized Or Eliminated?

Download mp3SwineCast 0703 Show Notes:
  • Canada's Prairie Swine Centre is joining with the Universities of Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Guelph and Laval University to identify transportation stressors which may lead to meat quality issues.¬†This conversation with Dr. Yolande Seddon comes from Bruce Cochrane at In a related presentation, Dr. Ken Prusa's Iowa Pork Congress talks about how feed items like DDGs effect meat quality.

SwineCast 0592, Preharvest Loading And Transport Can Impact Product Quality

mp3SwineCast 0592 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0564, Canadian Efforts To Improve Marbling In Response To Consumer Preference

mp3SwineCast 0564 Show Notes:
  • Bruce Cochrane talks with Brian Sullivan, the director of the Canadian Center For Swine Improvement on government funding to improve pork marbling and further differentiate the Canadian product.
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