SwineCast 0440, Canadian Producers Call For North American Voluntary Cull Program

SwineCast 0440 Show Notes:

  • Canadian producer group meets to discuss supply reduction program to align production with demand

SwineCast 0359a for November 27 2008

SwineCast 0359a Show Notes:

Swine Forecast 2009: Dr. Steve Meyer presents his US Market Review

Dr. Steve Meyer founded Paragon Economics in 2002 to provide expert economic analysis of agricultural markets and business decisions. He presents his US Market Review.

SwineCast 0353 for November 4 2008

SwineCast 0353 Show Notes:

  • Conversations from the International Distillers Dried Grains Conference
  • Markets and values of DDGs with Informa Economics Scott Richman
  • Brian Arnold of the DeLong Company discusses transportation and long-term infrastructure issues in shipping and hauling

SwineCast 0350 for October 24 2008

SwineCast 0350 Show Notes:

  • Special Soviet travelogue with Genesus Jim Long, just back from Russia and the Ukraine.

SwineCast 0349 for October 21 2008

SwineCast 0349 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0310 for June 9 2008

SwineCast 0310 Show Notes:

  • Conversing with Glenn Grimes at World Pork Expo on markets and ratios
  • Tradeshow talk about BASF's Nutridense corn system
  • Iowa State's Suzanne Millman joins us for a followup discussion about her animal welfare presentation at National Institute for Animal Agriculture

SwineCast 0301 for May 9 2008

SwineCast 0301 Show Notes:

  • Economist Steve Meyers discusses Pork Management presentation and the next year's industry outlook
  • SwineCast blogger Mark Greenwood steps up to look at management steps to make sure you and your lender continue the big dance
  • Food inflation will be hitting the U.S. consumer in a big way... and they'll think you're responsible. Get traction on answering the questions you'll be asked.

Swine Industry Update: It is worse in the EU

Mark Greenwood
March 2008

It is not getting any better – The losses are continuing in the swine industry. This past month feed prices kept going up while hog prices improved some but not near enough. Losses in the open market are still close to $40 a head and everyone keeps wondering when will it get better and what do prices have to get to before we start getting profitable? Well, the first thing we need to do is to somehow get supply reduced. The last cold storage report shows that we have an abundant supply of product. Even though exports have been very good we need to reduce supply to get any significant improvement in prices.

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