SwineCast 0370

SwineCast 0370 Show Notes:

  • Transitions... generational turnover happens once in a lifetime.. Mike Fassler of Lookout Ridge Consulting discusses some of those considerations and offers suggestions to ease the pain
  • Working in a family or small business environment, the need for team building may not be immediately apparent.  Talking with Guy Harris at the American Farm Bureau Federation Convention may cause you to think otherwise

Counseling Employees on Personal Finances

Counseling Employees on Finances:

More and more of my clients are having difficulty with their employees who are in a personal financial mess.  Tough economic times tend to expose the strengths and weaknesses of people’s overall money management.  Sometimes they try to maintain their regular spending habits with credit without the thought that eventually they have to pay the bill.

SwineCast 0367

SwineCast 0367 Show Notes:

  • Happy New Year!

Swine Industry Update: I must be dreaming

Mark Greenwood
November 2008

SwineCast 0364 for December 15 2008

SwineCast 0364 Show Notes:

  • Special leadership training conversation with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at Stanford University   

Preventing Burnout in Stressful Times

Preventing Burnout During Stressful Times

The normal challenges of weather and markets in agriculture provide enough stress for the average producer to re-think their career choice on an annual—or maybe even a weekly—basis.  This self-assessment rarely lasts past the next day, when the combine is fixed, the markets are up and the sun comes out.  Unfortunately, this year has been the most challenging one that many producers can remember and stress levels have remained high throughout the fall.

SwineCast 0356 for November 14 2008

SwineCast 0356 Show Notes:

  • Looking at the fallout from California's Prop 2 with California producer and National Pork Board president Steve Weaver
  • Higher grains this winter?  Mike Woolverton says the market needs to buy about 4 mln more corn acres.
  • Some interesting parallels in today's economic turmoil and what agriculture dealt with in the 80's

2008 Leman Conference: Hanson Lecture - The ongoing challenge of swine flu

Hanson Lecture - The ongoing challenge of flu, by Marie Gramer, D.V.M., Ph.D.
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