SwineCast 0587, Canada Takes COOL Controversy To WTO

mp3SwineCast 0587 Show Notes:
  • Canada recently provided testimony to the World Trade Organization on the U.S. Country Of Origin Labeling Law.  Canada believes it's function transcends consumer information to limiting market access.  Bruce Cochrane of talks with Florian Possberg.

SwineCast 0527, Food Safety Technology And Imported Product Concerns

mp3SwineCast 0527 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0296 for April 18 2008

SwineCast 0296 Show Notes:

  • NAIS update from USDA
  • COOL combined with feed prices potentially catastrophic for Canadian producers
  • US producers looking for farm bill closure to see how the COOL rules are written
  • New content from the NPPC to help producers move to the next level in recruitment and employee communications

SwineCast 0239 for September 28 2007

SwineCast 0239 Show Notes:

  • Pig flows expected to increase from Canada
  • Look for opportunities to talk with neighbors and media before trouble strikes
  • PCV-2 injection irritation study
  • Variability robs your bottom line
  • Tracing U.S. pigs already underway.  NPB's Patrick Webb looks to the next stage 
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