SwineCast 0985, WPX - NPPC Discusses Farm Bill Action And Immigration Reform

SwineCast 0985 Show Notes:
  • Dustin Baker, National Pork Producers Council's Deputy Director for Economics & Domestic Production, stopped in to talk immigration and farm bill priorities with Dave Russell at World Pork Expo. The NPPC has developed a farm bill task force from producers across the country to help identify the top priorities as Congress moves into reauthorizing the Farm Bill. One key ask is the establishment and the enhancement of the Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) vaccine bank.

SwineCast 0733, Latinos In Agriculture Leadership Conference October 17-19

SwineCast 0733 Show Notes:

Latinos... "Acres of Diamonds" for Agriculture?

Latinos and diamonds The old story “Acres of Diamonds” told by Russell Conwell in the early 20th century, may ring true today when one considers the growth of the Latino population and our present and future needs for talent in Agriculture.

According to the story, an old farmer heard about rare diamonds that would give him wealth without limit. He sold his farm and went away and spent many years in search of these diamonds, never to find them. Finally, he gave up, threw himself into the sea and drowned… poor and destitute.

Back home, years later, the man that purchased the old farmer’s land found some “black stones” in a river stream one day… Long story short, the “black stones” ended up being “diamonds in the rough” and later, the old farm became one of the biggest diamond mines in the history of humankind. Right under his own feet, in his own land, the old farmer had acres and acres of diamonds. And so the story goes…

What does this have to do with Latinos and the present and future needs for talent in Agriculture? Do Latinos represent “acres of diamonds” when it comes to future leadership in Agriculture?

If I get the moral of the story right, right here, right now we have an emerging demographic that can represent the leaders of tomorrow.With over 50 million Latinos in the U.S and the numbers projected to be over 30% of the total population by 2050, Latinos represent “acres of diamonds” to Agriculture.

With the age of the average farmer increasing, and individuals starting to retire, there is a gap of talent in the future of Agriculture and Latinos could potentially fill that gap.   

Arizona, Here We Come...NOT!

ArizonaFriday, April 23, 2010 was a day that will be remembered by many. On this day, Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer, signed into law bill SB 1070 – “Immigration; Law Enforcement; Safe Neighborhoods”.

While the controversial law (which goes into effect sometime this summer) is written to require that lawful contact be made, law enforcement officers might stop any person with reasonable suspicion of being illegal and ask about their immigration status. If the person cannot produce documentation that would validate their legal status, they would be arrested.

The 2010 Census – Helping Your Community by Helping Latinos Be Counted …

Census 2010 The 2010 Census – Helping Your Community by Helping Latinos Be Counted …

I just received a letter from Robert Groves, Director for the U.S. Census Bureau.

SwineCast 0305 for May 23 2008

SwineCast 0305 Show Notes:

  • Replacing Plum Island Animal Disease Center
  • Looking at the economics of biofuels with Dr Matt Roberts of THE Ohio State University
  • Talking with VP for International Trade at AMI, John Reddington, at the Pork Management Conference
  • Action in the Senate on immigration... an update with Chris Galen 

SwineCast 0298 for April 25 2008

SwineCast 0298 Show Notes:

  • NPPC requests USDA help on US industry crisis
  • Money-saving steps from Mike Tokach to help to you hold on
  • Sow herd nutrition research featuring grad student Ryan Samuel.  Looking at the amino acid and energy levels of your rations
  • Immigration regs tweaked by the Department of Homeland Security and your responsibility

SwineCast 0262 for December 14 2007

SwineCast 0262 Show Notes:

  • New energy bill bumps the RFS up to 36Bln gallon of renewable fuels by 2022
  • PCV2 vaccines with Dr. Peter Kristensen
  • PCV2 transmission vectors - Dr. Daren Madson at Iowa State looks at semen potential
  • Immigration status with Brian Winnekins and Jose' Oliveri
  • Sarah Muirhead with Feedstuffs joins us for an issue update

SwineCast 0235 for September 14 2007

SwineCast 0235 Show Notes:

  • Looking at lameness at Leman
  • Saving pigs with Paul Jeske
  • Immigration hiccup stops the letters for now
  • Traceability has to pay... someone
  • The New Guy
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