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SwineCast 1072, ATM - PRRS History, Major Milestones, and Lessons Learned

SwineCast 1072 Show Notes:
  • In this first episode of a two part series, 'At The Meeting' Honoring Dr. Bob Morrison looks at the lessons learned and milestones made in the history of PRRS.
  • Dr. Montserrat Torremorell (College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota), Dr. Tom Wetzell (Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica), and Dr. Gordon Spronk (Pipestone Veterinary Services) are joined by Dr. Scott Dee (Pipestone Veterinary Services) and Dr. Reid Philips (Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica) to discuss what has happened over the last 30 years of PRRS, what milestones occurred, and what lessons were learned.
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SwineCast 1071, Facts To Help Choose A PRRS Vaccine

SwineCast 1071 Show Notes:
  • From the 2019 Carthage Swine Conference, Dr. Erin Lowe, Boehringer Ingelheim, highlights information on the facts to help choose a PRRS Vaccine.

Explanation And Discussion Of Key Learnings From The Compliance Game

Explanation And Discussion Of Key Learnings From The Compliance GameExplanation And Discussion Of Key Learnings From The Compliance Game Dr. Scott Merrill and Luke Trinity, University of Vermont, share how serious games can help understand serious decision making.

Dr. Merrill and Mr. Trinity look into addressing this question: What affects willingness to invest in biosecurity and willingness to follow biosecurity protocols? Using a simulation approach with agent based modeling, they offer insight into how farm operations staff might behave in certain situations [video].

SwineCast 1070, African Swine Fever Impact on the Markets – Past, Present, and the Future

SwineCast 1070 Show Notes:
  • Dr. Joe Connor, President and founder of Carthage Veterinary Service, LTD, shares his thoughts on "African Swine Fever Impact on the Markets – Past, Present, and the Future" at the 2019 Carthage Swine Conference.
  • Dr. Connor reminds the audience that the economic impacts of African Swine Fever getting into the USA would not only impact US pork production but also US corn and soybean production.

SwineCast 1069, What Are Custom Vaccines? How Do they Work? And What Is Needed To Make Them?

SwineCast 1069 Show Notes:
  • Keith Wilson, DVM, senior professional service veterinarian at Boehringer Ingelheim, shares how custom vaccines are created and what pork producers should expect when custom vaccines are needed on their operations.
  • "Adjuvants are the biggest variable that impact vaccine performance," said Dr. Wilson. "Nearly everything else within a killed vaccine is fixed, such as the antigens and routes of administration."
  • Unlike commercial killed vaccines, custom-made vaccines give producers and veterinarians the option to select an adjuvant that can help solve their herd’s health challenges. Determining the optimal adjuvant to use in a vaccine is critical, because different adjuvants have different abilities when triggering immune responses.

SwineCast 1068, The Squeal on Feeding The PIC Sow, Focus On Farrowing And Wean To Estrus Feeding Programs, Part 3 of 3

SwineCast 1068 Show Notes:

SwineCast 1067, Understanding Producer Incentives and Thinking On Biosecurity Investments

SwineCast 1067 Show Notes:

SwineCast 1066, The Squeal on Feeding The PIC Sow, Focus On Gestation Rations In Feeding Programs, Part 2 of 3

SwineCast 1066 Show Notes:

SwineCast 1065, African Swine Fever Prevention and Preparedness Makes Great Strides

SwineCast 1065 Show Notes:
  • Dr. Paul Sundberg, Swine Health Information Center, shares with Bruce Cochrane of Farmscape how state animal health officials and industry are working together in both African Swine Fever (ASF) prevention and preparedness.

SwineCast 1064, The Squeal on Feeding The PIC Sow, Focus On Gilt Development, Part 1 of 3

SwineCast 1064 Show Notes:
  • Feeding The PIC Sow, Part 1 of 3: The genetic blueprint is a key component of the end product. But matching nutritional profiles to extract optimal value is critical to your profitability. In this The Squeal series, Dr. Steve Dritz (Kansas State University), Dr. Uislei Orlando (PIC), and Dr. Marcio Goncalves (former PIC nutritionist and Founder at Swine.It ) discuss considerations in feeding the PIC sow through gilt development.
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