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Ned Arthur is the host of SwineCast, connecting you to the experts in the swine industry.
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SwineCast 0404, Washington Legislative Priorities

SwineCast 0404 Show Notes:

  • Quick review of key legislative issues in Washington with attendees at the NPPC Spring Legislative Action Conference.  Sync up here and add your support via contact with your congressmen.

SwineCast 0403, NIAA - Meal Planning In The Aisles w/ ShoptoCook, Inc

SwineCast 0403 Show Notes:

  • Frank Beurskens, CEO of Shop To Cook discusses new technology to help consumers makes those decisions best for their families as they walk the grocery store aisles.  How and why consumers buy...

SwineCast 0402, NIAA - Are They Getting The Right Message?

SwineCast 0402 Show Notes:

  • Registered Dietician Lisa Katic shared with attendees at the National Institute for Animal Agriculture's annual meeting information on who has the ear of your legislators and Washington's policy wonks and the message being sent.  Full presentation here.

SwineCast 0401, NIAA - MidAm FCS' Bill Medley Looks At Ag Lending

SwineCast 0401 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0400, Environmental Issues - Removing Solids from Manures - NPPC Environmental Issues

SwineCast 0400 Show Notes:

  • Bruce Cochrane shares Canadian research on removing solids from manures to lower phosphorus loads in local areas
  • NPPC Chief Environmental Council Michael Formica hooks up to share front burner issues at both state and national levels for producers

SwineCast 0399, Legislation Introduced To Stop Use of Animal Health Products In U.S.

SwineCast 0399 Show Notes:

  • A bill sponsored by Rep. Louise Slaughter, D-N.Y., would ban the use in livestock of animal health products that prevent or control diseases.  This is bad legislation based on bad science.  Our guests tell you why it should be defeated and how to contact your congressmen.  Link to additional info at NPPC.

SwineCast 0398, Agricultural Impact of Current Economic Morass

SwineCast 0398 Show Notes:

  • Ag Economist Allen Featherstone looks at factors responsible for current economic scenario and discusses the impact he sees on agriculture at large

SwineCast 0397, Futurist Lowell Catlett shares thoughts on future consumer trends

SwineCast 0397 Show Notes:

  • University of New Mexico futurist Lowell Catlett talks with Trent Fredenburg about keeping today's economic events in perspective and future consumer trends that will change the way we do business

SwineCast 0396, Air Emissions Ruling Review - Liquid Feeding

SwineCast 0396 Show Notes:

  • Iowa State's Roger McEowen reviews a recent court ruling on air emissions that many in agriculture may misunderstand
  • Liquid feeding proponent shares his best learnings and biggest mistake

SwineCast 0395, NAIS - NPPC Stumps For Mandatory System - NAIS QMS at IPIC

SwineCast 0395 Show Notes:

  • National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) to Capitol Hill to ask legislators consider making NAIS mandatory. 
  • Iowa Pork Industry Center's (IPIC) Quality Management System (QMS) Director hooks up to discuss the big picture on pig ID.  More information in Premises ID QMS document (PDF format).