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Ned Arthur is the host of SwineCast, connecting you to the experts in the swine industry.
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SwineCast 0385, Ag Lender's Viewpoint with Kent Bang at Pigski

SwineCast 0385 Show Notes:

  • Special Pigski presentation with Bank of the West's Kent Bang looking at credit issues and offering his views of what's ahead.

SwineCast 0384, South American Pork Production

SwineCast 0384 Show Notes:

  • From Pigski, a conversation with Dr Jose Piva, PICs Product Performance Director for the Americas on his presentation of South American pork powers Brazil, Chile and Argentina.  What opportunities and challenges the future may hold, and yes, Russia will continue to be an importer for the forseeable future

SwineCast 0383, Route Back to Production Profitability and Efficiency

SwineCast 0383 Show Notes:

  • Dermotte Hayes of Iowa State presents his thoughts on returning to profitability at the Banff Pork Conference
  • FeedLogic's Drew Ryder looks at the market and tools to maximize feed efficiency

SwineCast 0382, Why it is important to have documented HR policies in place.

SwineCast 0382 Show Notes:

  • Jeff Kiser of Suidae Animal Health relates his experience with HSUS and why policies are important to have in place and documented; From the the Human Resources program during the Iowa Pork Congress

SwineCast 0381, Common-sense recruiting promotion ideas and retention programs

SwineCast 0381 Show Notes:

  • The Human Resources Panel from the Iowa Pork Congress continues with Crystal Klug of PST's discription of their common-sense recruiting promotion ideas and retention programs

SwineCast 0380, Working with a Hispanic workforce in the food industry

SwineCast 0380 Show Notes:

  • Orlando Gill of Seaboard Foods shares his experience in working with a Hispanic workforce in the food industry with attendees of the Iowa Pork Congress

SwineCast 0379, Pros and cons of various mortality disposal

SwineCast 0379 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0378, Electronic training and collaboration support

SwineCast 0378 Show Notes:

  • New website provides collaboration space for multi-specie diagnostic interaction.
  • Electronic training and collaboration support sure to grow in importance according to Iowa State

SwineCast 0377, Evolution of production software

SwineCast 0377 Show Notes:

  • Conversation with MetaFarms Tom Stein on the evolution of production software and what the perfect system would do

SwineCast 0376, The future of protein demand worldwide

SwineCast 0376 Show Notes:

  • Novus International's Dr. Giovanni Gasperoni looks at meeting current nutritional needs, expanding demand for probiotics, and the future protein demand worldwide