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Ned Arthur is the host of SwineCast, connecting you to the experts in the swine industry.
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SwineCast 0450, Large Hog States Ask For Government Help

Download mp3SwineCast 0450 Show Notes:

  • Iowa Governor joins with industry executives to ask government to step up with another pork purchase for food programs.  Audio from press conference.

SwineCast 0449, Part 3, Assessing Your Future - Keeping Your Perspective

Download mp3SwineCast 0449 Show Notes:

  • In this final segment of a three part series, management consultant Don Tyler helps us keep things in perspective as we deal with situations that may be beyond our control

SwineCast 0448, Part 2, Assessing Your Future - Moving Ahead

Download mp3SwineCast 0448 Show Notes:

  • Management Consultant Don Tyler discusses evaluating where and who you are to establish a plan for moving forward 

SwineCast 0447, Part 1, Assessing Your Future - Reading The Signs

Download mp3SwineCast 0447 Show Notes:

  • Management Consultant Don Tyler discusses three issues managers and owners are considering at this life-stage.  Part 1 - Are you doing what you want or should be doing?

SwineCast 0446, Are MCOOL and Swine Flu an Act of God? Wait For The Ruling

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SwineCast 0445, New Website Provides Information on SIV (The Real One)

Download mp3SwineCast 0445 Show Notes:
  • New FluSure XP herd health website from Pfizer Animal Health comes online with information for producers and vets. Conversation with Dr. Michael Kuhn provides details on about swine influenza virus and what information is available.

SwineCast 0444, Bedding Sows In Straw May Provide Economic Benefits

Download mp3SwineCast 0444 Show Notes:

  • Research project from the University of Manitoba sees economic benefits to use of straw in sow housing.

SwineCast 0443, The Meeting Circuit - Transitions in Iowa, Strategy in NE, IN, NC

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SwineCast 0442, Canadian Health Program Highlights Danish System and New Scheme for Manitoba

Download mp3SwineCast 0442 Show Notes:

  • Correspondent Bruce Cochrane of reports from the 2009 Swine Health Forum in Saskatoon with a look at the Danish swine industry health issues and policies and the development of a new farmed animal health strategy in Canada

SwineCast 0441, FDA Testifies to Limit Antibiotic Access for Animal Agriculture

Download mp3SwineCast 0441 Show Notes:

  • FDA uses low level committee meeting to initiate aggressive testimony limiting access to antibiotics for animal agriculture