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SwineCast 0374, Food safety conversation: consumer trust of food safety

SwineCast 0374 Show Notes:

  • Food safety conversation with Maple Leaf representatives following the massive recall last year.  What went wrong... and what they did right
  • Speakers at the Center for Food Integrity's Annual Summit look at food safety as a key component of consumer trust and business profitability

SwineCast 0373, Filtering for PRRS and the economic realities

SwineCast 0373 Show Notes:

  • From the Banff Pork Seminar in Banff, Alberta, CA, Swine Vet Center's Darwin Reicks shares the groups experience in filtering for PRRS and the economic realities of such a decision.  Drop us a line to continue the discussion at
  • Iowa State's Jeff Zimmerman discusses his presentation following the International PRRS Symposium on easy sampling methods for PRRS and other pathogens.  In fact he specifically says "Do this, go drink a cup of coffee, come back and you're done."  Breaktime!

SwineCast 0372

SwineCast 0372 Show Notes:

  • Presentation on the unsustainability of current U.S. fiscal policy from the American Farm Bureau Federation Convention...  The Deficit Wakeup Tour

SwineCast 0371

SwineCast 0371 Show Notes:

  • Special feed efficiency roundtable featuring vets, nutritionists and lenders assembled by Beck Ag for Elanco Animal Health

SwineCast 0370

SwineCast 0370 Show Notes:

  • Transitions... generational turnover happens once in a lifetime.. Mike Fassler of Lookout Ridge Consulting discusses some of those considerations and offers suggestions to ease the pain
  • Working in a family or small business environment, the need for team building may not be immediately apparent.  Talking with Guy Harris at the American Farm Bureau Federation Convention may cause you to think otherwise

SwineCast 0368

SwineCast 0368 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0367

SwineCast 0367 Show Notes:

  • Happy New Year!

SwineCast 0366 for December 22 2008

SwineCast 0366 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0365 for December 19 2008

SwineCast 0365 Show Notes:

  • International PRRS Conference coverage with Dr Bob Morrison conversation.  Looking at the likelihood of regional PRRS elimination

SwineCast 0364 for December 15 2008

SwineCast 0364 Show Notes:

  • Special leadership training conversation with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at Stanford University