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SwineCast 0427, WPE - Legislative Alert With Action Requested

SwineCast 0427 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0426, WPE - Producer Retirement Program for Sow Herds Buzz On The Street

SwineCast 0426 Show Notes:

  • A unique buyout program is presented by independent pork producers Chuck Wirtz and Brad Freking. The Producer Retirement Program is entirely run by pork producers and is designed to reduce sow populations and industry losses.

    Swine producers will have the option of voluntarily buying into a co-op and bid a premium which is paid per each sow that is sold. Reductions may include all or a portion of a herd.

    Two of the caveats include prohibited use of sow reproduction facilities and a two-year moratorium on repopulation. For the full story, click here.

SwineCast 0425, WPE - Economics Update From World Pork Expo

SwineCast 0425 Show Notes:
  • National Pork Producers Council Don Butler and Neal Dirk present a rollercoaster perspective of the industry’s economic outlook in light of recent events.

    While some foreign markets have been reopened, hog price increases have offset expenditures, the media’s exacerbation of H1N1 is slowly moving behind us, and the economic outlook won’t be as optimistic as desired.

SwineCast 0423, At The Meeting Looks At H1N1

SwineCast 0423 Show Notes:
  • Dr Bob Morrison's 'At The Meeting' group discusses the science behind H1N1 and industry issues around the illness

    Are we in the midst of a pandemic scare? How does the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) rationalize herd quarantines and movement restrictions? What preventative measures can you take?

    The genes responsible for naming the influenza virus are explained by Marie Gramer, diagnostician with the University of Minnesota Department of Veterinary Population Medicine (VPM), and Harry Nelson, Director of Communications with the American Association of Swine Practitioners.

    According to Gramer, the disease’s name comes from the emergent pathway of the pig, in part, due to its DNA fingerprint. But, is it evolving and why is the pig labeled as the mixing vesicle?

SwineCast 0422, Climate Conversations - What You Need To Watch For

SwineCast 0422 Show Notes:

  • NPPC's Chief Environmental Council Michael Formica joins us to review climate legislation and world talks which may impact your operation... and what it means to you

SwineCast 0421, Tracking Grains and Supply/Demand Issues

SwineCast 0421 Show Notes:

  • Current market conditions and planting delays impact on grain prices now and yet to come

SwineCast 0420, Transportation Conference - Food Safety and Quality Conversations

SwineCast 0420 Show Notes:

  • The Swine Handling and Transport Forum immediately preceeds World Pork Expo in Des Moines.  A good reason to come a day early!
  • Breaking the ice on the converation you need to have with those around you.  "I'm a pork producer and proud of it.  And this is why that's important to you."  Conversation with past NPPC pres Jill Appell

SwineCast 0419, Transportation Biosecurity - World Pork Expo Program

SwineCast 0419 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0418, H1N1 - Determining the Industry Cost

SwineCast 0418 Show Notes:

  • Steve Meyer's CME Daily Livestock Report pencils in some numbers on cost of H1N1 to producers
  • U.S. Meat Export Federation CEO Phil Seng shares on fallout and possible recovery period for flu residue in international markets