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Ned Arthur is the host of SwineCast, connecting you to the experts in the swine industry.
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SwineCast 0489, Standardized PRRS Definitions Contribute To Efficiency Across Research Platforms

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  • Iowa State's Dr Derald Holtkamp discusses recent work on classifying PRRS herd health status and standardized definitions to improve coordination across industry production and research.

SwineCast 0488, What's Zoonosis and Why Is It In The News?

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  • Canadian correspondent Bruce Cochrane shares this primer on the issue of zoonosis and a look at H1N1 pathogenicity as he talks with Dr Peter Provis of Swine Health Professionals.

SwineCast 0487, Conversations from the International PRRS Symposium

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  • Conversations with Dr Bob Rowland as we look at the background and purpose of the International PRRS Symposium along with an update from Dr Scott Dee on technology and advances in the fight to eliminate this deadly bug.

SwineCast 0486, 'P's in a Pod' Looks At Weaned Pig Contracts - What's Right For You?

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  • Carthage Swine Vet Service's 'P's in a Podcast back with you today as the group looks at weaned pig contracts.  How has the industry changed these tools and what does the future hold?

SwineCast 0485, 'At The Meeting' Crew Roundtable on Mycoplasma Research

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SwineCast 0484, Gibberella Adds To Corn Harvest Angst

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  • Serious Gibberella mold on this year's crop puts producers in a harvest-time storage quandry.  What will you do when the 'strip test' is positive?

SwineCast 0483, Climate Change Legislation Issues From NPPC's Environmental Council

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SwineCast 0482, A Canadian Perspective Of Current Conditions And Timing Of The Turning

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  • Informa Economics VP Dave Ryman hooks up with Bruce Cochrane for a good discussion of current economic issues across North America and his view of the timing for the eventual industry turning point.

SwineCast 0481, What's Up In Washington From The Ag Secretary In Kansas City

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  • USDA Secretary Vilsack visited with Farm Broadcasters at the recent NAFB convention in Kansas City, MO. Sit in on the conference.

SwineCast 0480, Are You Ready For The Next Question?

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