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Ned Arthur is the host of SwineCast, connecting you to the experts in the swine industry.
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SwineCast 0322 for July 17 2008

SwineCast 0322 Show Notes:

  • Special review of two new provisions of the Farm Bill... ACRE and SURE programs 

SwineCast 0321 for July 15 2008

SwineCast 0321 Show Notes:

  • Livestock movement concerns the focus of the National Pork Boards' Transportation Biosecurity Summit
  • Catching up with Informa Economics Jim Wiesemeyer for a look at the Washington scenery
  • AgCareer's HR Roundtable scheduled for Aug 4-6 this year 

SwineCast 0320 for July 11 2008

SwineCast 0320 Show Notes:

  • Trace minerals effect as antioxidants.  A conversation with Dr Gretchen Hill
  • Grad Student Melissa Hahn logs in with some comments on her research with amino acids and birthweights
  • North Carolina update... Todd See shares research on development waste storage systems to meet the state's requirements for new construction
  • ARS may have an answer.. a water treatment plant for y

SwineCast 0319 for July 9 2008

SwineCast 0319 Show Notes:

  • You've heard of InBev's unsolicited takeover of American Original Budweiser. Hear now from InBev CEO Carlos Brita sharing thoughts on building a corporate culture. Good for you to consider regardless of company size

SwineCast 0319a, reviewing impacts on efficiency at the farm level

SwineCast 0319a Show Notes:

  • Special presentation of Dr. Bob Morrison's "At The Meeting" group reviewing impacts on efficiency at the farm level

SwineCast 0318 for July 3 2008

SwineCast 0318 Show Notes:

  • Smithfield hooks up with COFCO Ltd of China
  • NPPC CEO Neil Dierks reports on efforts in Washington to get action on producer economic pain
  • Center for Food Integrity. Link to 2008 Summit info
  • Meat quality research at Kansas State includes DDGs

SwineCast 0317 for July 1 2008

SwineCast 0317 Show Notes:

  • Pig Crop Report numbers with Steve Meyer
  • Who's signing up for the Canadian Sow Culling program?
  • New use for an old agent. Borax shows promise as an odor reducer in swine operations
  • Euthansia considerations for your operation. Suggestions from the American Veterinary Medical Association

SwineCast 0316 for June 27 2008

SwineCast 0316 Show Notes:

  • Special presentation today featuring press call roundtable following the release of the USDA Pig Crop Report. 

SwineCast 0315 for June 25 2008

SwineCast 0315 Show Notes:

  • Livestock groups taking RFS concerns to Washington
  • Rationing today's corn crop. How much... where to... and why
  • AVMA updates website with position papers on animal welfare
  • Save fuel costs and neighbor complaints with vegetative buffers.

    SwineCast 0314 for June 20 2008

    SwineCast 0314 Show Notes:

    • Special report from World Pork Expo... the Environmental Managers Survey Executive Summary with NPPC's Environmental Policy Counsel Michael Formica. You're sitting in on the press conference