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Ned Arthur is the host of SwineCast, connecting you to the experts in the swine industry.
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SwineCast 0392, National Pork Industry Forum - 'We Care' Responsible Pork Initiative Panel

SwineCast 0392 Show Notes:

  • Panel discussion and Q&A on the "We Care" initiative.  How you're involved and the impact the industry is working for.

SwineCast 0391, National Pork Industry Forum - PQA Plus Audit Procedure

SwineCast 0391 Show Notes:

  • Pork Quality Assurance Plus... Dr Todd See sets up the training module at the National Pork Industry Conference then joins a panel to outline the audit program which has producers curious.  

SwineCast 0390, MRSA Presentation - An Update On Research And Impact

SwineCast 0390 Show Notes:

  • Presentation from Banff Swine Conference with Dr Bob Friendship.  A review of current MRSA research and theories on sourcing and possible control of the bug.

SwineCast 0389, Washington Update - Stenholm Says Protein Producers Have Much In Common In Today's Political Environment

SwineCast 0389 Show Notes:

  • Speaking to the CIAC, past Texas congressman Charlie Stenholm looks to challenges faced by protein producers locally and nationally.  A call to find common  ground from which to defend our ability to continue to produce our products economically and effeciently.

SwineCast 0388, Chicago PRRS Symposium Breakdown with At The Meeting's Morrison Group

SwineCast 0388 Show Notes:

  • The Morrison Group reviews presentations and concepts of note from the 2008 Chicago PRRS Conference

SwineCast 0387, DDGs in Swine Rations and Pelleting Issues

SwineCast 0387 Show Notes:

  • Conversations today with Sam Baidoo looking at DDGs impact on ration cost and total feed availability
  • Adam Fahrenholz, Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant Department of Grain Science Kansas State University with his International Poultry Scientific Forum presentation about the effects of DDGs inclusion on pellet quality

SwineCast 0386, Washington Viewpoint with Sara Wyant

SwineCast 0386 Show Notes:

  • Special presentation with Sara Wyant of Agri-Pulse.  Her take on new administration's ag viewpoint and impact on policies affecting our industry

SwineCast 0385, Ag Lender's Viewpoint with Kent Bang at Pigski

SwineCast 0385 Show Notes:

  • Special Pigski presentation with Bank of the West's Kent Bang looking at credit issues and offering his views of what's ahead.

SwineCast 0384, South American Pork Production

SwineCast 0384 Show Notes:

  • From Pigski, a conversation with Dr Jose Piva, PICs Product Performance Director for the Americas on his presentation of South American pork powers Brazil, Chile and Argentina.  What opportunities and challenges the future may hold, and yes, Russia will continue to be an importer for the forseeable future

SwineCast 0383, Route Back to Production Profitability and Efficiency

SwineCast 0383 Show Notes:

  • Dermotte Hayes of Iowa State presents his thoughts on returning to profitability at the Banff Pork Conference
  • FeedLogic's Drew Ryder looks at the market and tools to maximize feed efficiency