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SwineCast 0798, Revisions To Align Numbers In December Pig Crop Report

SwineCast 0798 Show Notes:
  • The National Pork Board provides industry analysts to look at the source of revisions in the December 2013 Quarterly Pig Crop report.

SwineCast 0797, Center For Disease Control Presentation On Antibiotic Resistance Development

SwineCast 0797 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0796, Eliminate Farm Operation Transition Problems This Christmas

SwineCast 0796 Show Notes:
  • One of the best-attended sessions at the 2013 Midwest Pork Conference featured Dr. Ron Hanson of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in a discussion around transitioning your farm business to the next generation... while maintaining good relationships within the family.  A good conversation and well worth your consideration to set aside a bit of time this Holiday Season to discuss with your family.

SwineCast 0794, Transportation Biosecurity and PEDv - Where To Start

SwineCast 0794 Show Notes:
  • PIC's Dr. Robert Thompson joins us to discuss transportation biosecurity.  Now that PEDV has crossed our shores, where do we focus for maximum impact in our biosecurity protocols?

SwineCast 0793, ATM - Injectable Vaccination Protocols and Compliance

SwineCast 0793 Show Notes:
  • At The Meeting's Morrison Group dives deep on best use of vaccines and ensuring protocols are helping you gain maximum benefit.

SwineCast 0792, Bridging The Gap Between Animal Health And Human Health

SwineCast 0792 Show Notes:
  • The National Institute for Animal Agriculture has moved to the forefront in creating opportunities to look factually at  the development of antibiotic resistance in animal agriculture and human health.  This year's conference, "Bridging the Gap Between Animal Health and Human Health," November 12-14 in Kansas City, marks a further effort at bringing both sides of the conversation to one venue.  Dr. Richard Raymond, former undersecretary for food safety at the USDA and former chief medical officer for the state of Nebraska, discusses the program.

SwineCast 0791, Leman - Swine Influenza And Public Health

SwineCast 0791 Show Notes:
  • National Pork Board's Dr. Jennifer Koeman briefs the 2013 Leman Conference attendees on Swine Influenza cross-over into public health and ongoing monitoring efforts.

SwineCast 0790, Government Closing Hits Close To Home With Absence Of USDA Data

SwineCast 0790 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0789, Fair Oaks Pig Adventure Leads Consumer Transparency Effort

SwineCast 0789 Show Notes:
  • Conversation with Belstra Milling's Jon Hoek reviewing the first couple of months at Fair Oaks Pig Adventure.  Turns out FOPA not only offers transparency about modern swine production but dispels myths circulated by those desiring to harm the industry.