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SwineCast 0841 - What's On The Table In Antibiotic Resistance Development Debate

SwineCast 0841 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0839, Gut Stress And Pathogen Access

SwineCast 0839 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0838, North American PRRS Conference Promises Multi-Discipline Collaboration

SwineCast 0838 Show Notes:
  • A conversation with symposium organizer Dr. Bob Rowland discussing topics to be covered at the North American PRRS Symposium and the value of such cross-disciplinary collaboration.

SwineCast 0836, Leman - Does Downtime Have Any Effect On Distribution Of PEDv?

SwineCast 0836 Show Notes:
  • Dr. Paul Yeske of Swine Vet Center in MN took advantage of an interruption in a pig flow to see what impact downtime between farm visits has on the transmission of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDv), if any. 
  • Link to 2014 Leman Conference Presentations

SwineCast 0835, Regulations Choking Industry Growth Requires Business Teamwork

SwineCast 0835 Show Notes:
  • Manitoba Pork is reaching out to other businesses for support in the face of uncertain regulation and plummeting provincial pork production.  Bruce Cochrane talks with Karl Kynoch about the regulatory climate's impact and steps toward resolution.

SwineCast 0834, Leman - Managing A Robust Breeding Herd

SwineCast 0834 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0833, Are You Listening To What PED Is Saying?

SwineCast 0833 Show Notes:
  • The advent of PEDV in U.S. herds has some producers on their heels while others are using the calamity as an opportunity to 'up their game'.  Dr. Dale Polson of Boehringer Ingelheim notes PED illuminated weakness in our surveillance systems and suggests a new world-view of data streams and potential health issues.
  • Link to Dr. Polson's video presentation at World Pork Expo.

SwineCast 0832, Management Tips For PRDC And Maintaining Productivity

SwineCast 0832 Show Notes: