Group Housing

Transitioning To Group Sow Housing

Practical Considerations for Adoption of Group Sow HousingChanging The Pig Living Spaces Dr. Chris Rademacher, ISU Swine Extension Veterinarian, gives a practical talk on group sow housing, based on his experiences in transitioning to group housing at Smithfield. He provides info on considerations of the physical space re-construction and how the human and pig work flow changes.

Dr. Chris Rademacher - Practical Considerations for Adoption of Group Sow Housing

Practical Considerations for Adoption of Group Sow Housing - Dr. Chris Rademacher, from the 2015 Allen D. Leman Swine Conference, September 19-22, 2015, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.

SwineCast 0775, Updated Canadian Pig Code of Practice Proposes Sow Group Housing Requirement

SwineCast 0775 Show Notes:
  • Canadian swine producers expressing concern over proposed sow housing changes to the National Farm Animal Care Council's Pig Code of Practice, according to Saskatchewan Pork's Producer Services Manager, Harvey Wagner.  He talks with's Bruce Cochane. 
  • Public comment period thru August 3, 2013.  Link is here.

SwineCast 0701, Sow Housing Backgrounder From Pork Industry Forum

Download mp3SwineCast 0701 Show Notes:
  • Sow housing was fresh on the delegates minds of both organizations at the Pork Industry Forum. Indeed, the decision to implement a comprehensive study and evaluation of existing literature on sow housing options was passed by both delegate bodies. However, there is a basis for current policy. National Pork Board's Director of Animal Welfare, Science and Technology, Sherrie Niekamp provided attendees that overview.

SwineCast 0695, NPPC CEO Dierks Addresses Pork Forum

Download mp3SwineCast 0695 Show Notes:
  • The pork industry has responded to gestation housing questions with funds and determination to research and report on sow housing options and advantages.  National Pork Producers Council CEO Neil Dierks shares the association position with delegates and more.

SwineCast 0283 for March 4 2008

SwineCast 0283 Show Notes:

  • Farm Bill negotiations continue with comments from Ag Secretary Shafer
  • Bernie Peet weighs in with thoughts on reaching 30 pigs per sow per year. Link to his website.
  • Practitioner Doug Powers shares experience with 'energy' products and sow nutrition
  • Dr. Peter Brooks of the Univ of Plymouth discusses group housing nutrition... learnings from the E.U.

SwineCast 0275 for February 5 2008

SwineCast 0275 Show Notes:

  • Changes in the administration's policy for foreign workers in development
  • Sow housing issues and management considerations with Texas Tech's John McGlone and Harold Gonyou from the Prairie Swine Center
  • Land values... still room to run and why in this conversation with

    SwineCast 0265 for January 2 2008

    SwineCast 0265 Show Notes:

    • Time to look at updating your production system software?
    • Ten years of group housing experience with Chris Cockle in Ontario
    • Nursery disease review with Dr. John Harding... what to watch for and what to do when you see 'em
    • Homeland Security regulations may now apply to you.  January 21st deadline for documentation. 

      SwineCast 0259 for December 7 2007

      SwineCast 0259 Show Notes:

      • Special coverage of Manitoba Hog Days via correspondent Bruce Cochrane
      • E.U. pork subsidies will impact world trade
      • Phosphorus regs in Manitoba to require additional management and record-keeping
      • Group housing research with Dr. Laurie Connor

    SwineCast 0237 for September 21 2007

    SwineCast 0237 Show Notes:

    • Finding new ways of looking at PRRS-type viruses
    • So long Secretary... hello Senator???
    • Sows top list of questions at Carthage
    • Prestage Farms Sow Production Manager Mark Daughtry shares his learnings on group housing
    • Vaccine technology focus at Leman conference
    • Alternative therapy moves
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