Food Safety

The Destruction of the "Made in China" Brand

     Food is far more than calories or nutrition.  It defines a people and is often associated with identity, culture, and the fabric of life that bonds families, regions and even nations together.  Food celebrates holidays and holy days in virtually every culture on earth so there is very little in this world more destructive to a brand or to trust in a process or supply chain than to deliberately poison food, especially if the tainted product is largely destined for children.  In a stunning example of irresponsible and unethical behavior, milk processors in China have done ju

SwineCast 0251 for November 9 2007

SwineCast 0251 Show Notes:

  • Friday's Supply/Demand report breakout
  • Chinese food safety cooperation talks
  • Melamine recap with Dr. Steve Ensley with the Iowa State Diagnostic Lab
  • PRRSv assessment program

SwineCast 0250 for November 6 2007

SwineCast 0250 Show Notes:

  • Bioconference update - fungi is your friend
  • NAIS hurdles
  • Liz Wagstrom looks at the NAIS swine program
  • Scott Patton of Ipsos Reid talks with Bruce Cochrane about a recent Canadian consumer food safety and quality survey
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