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Ted McKinney - Making Safe, Abundant Food Supply a Global Reality

Making Safe, Abundant Food Supply a Global Reality - Ted McKinney, Senior Director of Global Affairs, Elanco Animal Health, from the 2011 Animal Ag Alliance Stakeholders Summit, May 5-6, Arlington, VA, USA.

How Technology and Ag Come Together

With the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act moving forward to law, technology companies are lining up to help implement the details. Much of the legislation is all about collecting, tracking, and analysis of data and information on food. This includes putting in place systems to register food facilities, collect and monitor data from production farms, notify multiple parties about food related issues, and handle food recalls.

SwineCast Update for September 10, 2010, What Are Swine Vets Saying About Antibiotic Use?

What Are Swine Vets Saying About Antibiotic Use? Dr. Scott Hurd, Former Deputy Undersecretary Food Safety, USDA and Associate Professor in the Department of Veterinary Diagnostic and Production Animal Medicine at Iowa State; and Dr. Sarah Probst-Miller, Carthage Vet Service, discuss the prudent use of antibiotics.

Coming up is the Leman Conference September 18-21, 2010 in St Paul, MN. SwineCast will be there to capture presentation highlights and interviews. Special thanks to Pfizer Animal Health for sponsoring SwineCast's in-depth coverage of this event.

Immediately prior to Leman will be the BIVI CircoFLEX Swine Health Seminar where we'll be capturing major FLEX news and developments to share. See you somewhere soon!

SwineCast 0557, Science And Technology Committee Reports on Washington Concerns

mp3SwineCast 0557 Show Notes:
  • The report from the Science and Technology Committee at World Pork Expo coverage a wide range of topics including the FDA power grab, animal welfare issues, antibiotic resistance legislation and child nutrition.  Presenting are NPPC Board Members Bob Dykhuis and Dr. Howard Hill.

SwineCast 0527, Food Safety Technology And Imported Product Concerns

mp3SwineCast 0527 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0464, FDA Perspective on Food Safety - What You Need To Know

Download mp3SwineCast 0464 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0452, Report on the U.K. Veterinary Practices Offers Advice For Improvement

Download mp3SwineCast 0452 Show Notes: 

SwineCast 0437, Time to Talk About FDA Inspectors On Your Operation

SwineCast 0437 Show Notes:

  • Expanded FDA jurisdiction and inspections of animal agriculture operations in the name of food safety continue to play in Washington.  A few changes since the World Pork Expo don't lessen the potential seriousness of this issue as we talk with Dr Jen Greiner

SwineCast 0427, WPE - Legislative Alert With Action Requested

SwineCast 0427 Show Notes:

SwineCast 0374, Food safety conversation: consumer trust of food safety

SwineCast 0374 Show Notes:

  • Food safety conversation with Maple Leaf representatives following the massive recall last year.  What went wrong... and what they did right
  • Speakers at the Center for Food Integrity's Annual Summit look at food safety as a key component of consumer trust and business profitability
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