Feeding for Optimal Bone Strength

Pig Lameness and Diagnostic Lab ViewsNutrition and Lameness This session, from the 2013 Leman Swine Conference, looks into bone strength, lameness, and clinical diagnosis approaches and research.
  • Dr. Tom Crenshaw looks that the nutritional aspects of pig lameness. Dr. Crenshaw looks at the clinical diagnosis of skeletal integrity in swine and what swine professionals need to understand to monitor and address lameness issues [presentation video].
  • Dr. Darin Madson looks into the what diagnostic labs are seeing as it relates to pig lameness. Dr. Madson shares that the bone is a dynamic organ in pigs. His take aways: lameness is an industry issue and clinical assessments are important [presentation video].
  • Dr. Pedro Urriola highlights the nutritional management information of pigs to help production teams succeed. Dr. Urriola recommends using nutritional models to determine objective and dynamic requirements [presentation video].