SwineCast 0503, Danisco Researching Grain Phosphorus Content Variations by Location

Download mp3SwineCast 0503 Show Notes:
  • Danisco's Janet Remus discusses a project which identifies Phosphorus content variations in grain sources by location, updating information decades old which is even more important with today's DDGs diets

Dr. Seth Naeve and Dr. Lee Johnston - Pork and Beans

Pork and Beans - Dr. Seth Naeve, soybean agronomist, associate professor, Agronomy and Plant Sciences Department, University of Minnesota; Dr. Lee Johnston, professor, swine nutrition and management, Department of Animal Science, University of Minnesota, from the Minnesota Pork Congress, January 20-21, 2010, Minneapolis, MN, USA.

SwineCast 0498, Will Mycotoxins Change Your Nutrition Program?

Download mp3SwineCast 0498 Show Notes:
  • Dr. Hans Stein, Associate Professor of Swine Nutrition at the University of Illinois, joins the discussion on this year's mold issues, the resulting mycotoxin load, management of the feed and potential changes in cropping practices as a result.

SwineCast 0491, NutriDense Packs Nutrients Tightly - More Bang In The Yield

Download mp3SwineCast 0491 Show Notes:
  • BASF Plant Science Manager of nutrition and technical services, Jerry Weigel, discusses NutriDense, how it can affect your feeding program and returns you can expect

SwineCast 0439, New Soybean Varieties Provide Options For Livestock Rations

Down load MP3 SwineCast 0439 Show Notes:

  • Soybean researchers expanding options for livestock producers as new varieties come online.  Conversation with University of IL's Dr Hans Stein

SwineCast 0355 for November 11 2008

SwineCast 0355 Show Notes:

  • Dr Don Mahan looks at gender impact on mineral utilization
  • Net Feed Energy with Degussa's Rob Payne

SwineCast 0310 for June 9 2008

SwineCast 0310 Show Notes:

  • Conversing with Glenn Grimes at World Pork Expo on markets and ratios
  • Tradeshow talk about BASF's Nutridense corn system
  • Iowa State's Suzanne Millman joins us for a followup discussion about her animal welfare presentation at National Institute for Animal Agriculture

SwineCast 0297 for April 22 2008

SwineCast 0297 Show Notes:

  • Looking to cut costs in your ingredient sources may expose you to more risk than you think. A conversation with John Ratcliff of the Food and Agriculture Consultancy of the United Kingdom
  • Genetics are driven by data but who determines the direction? PIC's Technical Services Director for Genetics joins us
  • Employee relations and recruitment questions continue to be heavily attended workshops. Don Tyler recounts a session at the Responsible Pork Symposium

SwineCast 0295 for April 15 2008

SwineCast 0295 Show Notes:

  • $50 million Canadian breeding herd buyout
  • Cargill Pork vet describes positive circovirus vaccine experience with CircoFLEXX
  • Selenium could be an issue in breeding herds if your feed is coming farther from home this year

SwineCast 0288 for March 21 2008

SwineCast 0288 Show Notes:

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