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SwineCast 0667, Will Lowering The Renewable Fuel Standard Impact Feed Availability?

Download mp3SwineCast 0667 Show Notes:
  • President-Elect of the National Pork Producers Council, Carolina producer R.C. Hunt, joins us to discuss legislation which allows for variation in the Renewable Fuel Standard based on the U.S. corn supply.
  • Overview of the Legislation

SwineCast 0343 for September 30 2008

SwineCast 0343 Show Notes:

  • Dealing with current financial unrest on mainstreet.  How local businesses are affected
  • Feed Energy's Bob Riley looks at supplies, feed values, ethanol imports and quality of DDGs in todays market 

What European Cars and U.S. Pigs Have in Common

Recently I spent a week in London and everywhere I went I noticed how cars were getting smaller and smaller as Londoners faced the skyrocketing cost of fuel. The typical public service worker in London makes about 26k (pound sterling) and the typical private sector worker makes about 35k (pound sterling). They buy their gasoline by the liter and it costs about 4.5 pound sterling a gallon. As I have mentioned, if you are a tourist from the U.S. that's about $9/gallon if you rent a car.

There were a lot of very strange looking conveyances which I suppose classify as cars including the so-called Smart Car. You can check one of these out at www.smartcarpictures.com.

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