Feed Mill Tours and Everyday Food

China foodChina Food and Mill Tours We did a duck farm so duck head redux. Also cicada's on the hoof and eggs buried in lime until they turned green. Yum, Yum!

Since I'm traveling with JBS United, we see a lot of feed mills and look at a lot of grain. Mycotoxins are a continuing issue and mills manage the flow by adding 'fixers', blending good corn with infected grain and adjusting that ratio based on what they're feeding. Slow infield and on-ear drying exacerbate the development of the molds and we understand that it's an ongoing problem for the mills. Mixing is done in the states anytime you have bad corn. You can mix more bad in with finisher ration than you can in sow feed or starter.

Interesting conversation at dinner last night about Chinese who leave for U.S., U.K., Australia, etc. for continuing education and the "filtered" media they receive here at home. Many of those students return to China because of family, easier to enter the workplace and return to values and customs the know. And its no problem that they've had access to 'unfiltered' media because they have more of a world-view. However, for most of the people, its better that media be managed because they're more "settled" and happy.

Observation is that they are indeed happy. Very family-centered and generally health conscious. At the mills and large farms workers stay in dorms, receiving free room and board. And the company cook is a great recruitment tool, if he's good.